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Development in Papua, Opening the Way to Community Welfare


Papua, as a province rich in cultural and natural diversity, has become the focus of development aimed at improving the welfare of its people. Various development projects have been implemented to create positive changes in the daily lives of Papuans. In this article, we will explore a number of development initiatives that have successfully paved the way for the prosperity of the Papuan people.

One of the key aspects of development in Papua is infrastructure development. The construction of a network of roads and bridges has opened access to remote areas, facilitating the movement of goods and people. Better infrastructure not only improves connectivity between regions, but also provides easier access to education, health and economic services.

Minister of PUPR, Basuki Hadimuljono, said that improving the welfare of the Papuan people is done by opening up regional isolation and increasing access and connectivity from land and multimodal, including the construction of the Trans Papua Road with a total length of 3,462 kilometers.

In order to improve the standard of living of the Papuan people, the government has also prioritized development of the education sector. The construction of new schools and improvements to educational facilities have opened up educational opportunities for Papuan children. This not only provides access to knowledge, but also opens the door to better job opportunities in the future.

Papua Development also places importance on improving health services in Papua, which is an important step in ensuring the welfare of the community. The construction of health centers and hospitals in various regions has increased Papuans’ access to medical care. Vaccination programs and health education have also been implemented to increase awareness of the importance of maintaining health.

The Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, revealed that building a community health center in the Papua region costs six times more than on the island of Java. Therefore, according to him, this is a problem in the health sector that requires affirmation from the Ministry of Health

Papua also has great economic potential through its natural resources. To exploit this potential, local economic empowerment programs have been implemented. This includes skills training, business capital assistance, and support for local business actors. This economic empowerment not only creates jobs, but also reduces unemployment and poverty levels.

The government is accelerating infrastructure development in Papua. Development projects are carried out everywhere and in remote areas. The main aim of accelerated development is to encourage economic growth. This project is starting to be successful because there is an improvement in the financial sector of the people of Bumi Cendrawasih.

Papua, as the easternmost region in Indonesia, has various potentials that can sell and increase the APBD, such as tourism, agricultural products and mining products. The wealth of natural resources on Earth of Cendrawasih is managed very well so that it can prosper the people. The central government also supports infrastructure development so that community mobility and projects run well.

Economic growth in Papua continues to increase. This is very good because it shows the success of the development acceleration program, to improve the economic sector in Bumi Cendrawasih. There is no longer a gap between Papua and other regions in Indonesia.

Papuan community leader Matthew Makuker stated that the acceleration of infrastructure development in the Jokowi era was considered successful in encouraging regional economic growth. This is because the infrastructure that is built makes the community’s economy grow even more vigorous. Adequate infrastructure can also reduce travel time thereby speeding up logistics routes.

The massive development currently in Papua has had a positive impact on the Eastern Region itself. With this development, it can attract investors to invest. That way, it will definitely open up job opportunities for the sons of Papua. Apart from that, the existence of these investments means paving the way for the development of Bumi Cendrawasih itself. So this development does indeed bring many positive benefits, not negative ones and even the people themselves feel the benefits.

With all the development efforts undertaken, the hope is that Papua will continue to move in a better direction. A prosperous society will be a reflection of successful development. Therefore, there needs to be synergy between the government, society and the private sector to continue implementing sustainable and inclusive development initiatives in Papua. Only in this way can we see the realization of equitable prosperity throughout the land of Papua.

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