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Be Aware of Conflicts and Hoaxes to Create Peaceful Elections


Inviting the public to avoid conflict and hoax news in order to create a peaceful 2024 election is an important step to ensure the democratic process runs smoothly and without violence. Avoiding disputes and contributing to creating fair and peaceful elections is a shared responsibility. So that the community has a very important role in maintaining harmony during the elections, and being aware of various threats is a collective task to ensure that the elections run safely and peacefully.

Providing education to the public about the importance of participation in elections and understanding democratic principles is very crucial. Holding seminars, workshops or political education campaigns can help increase public awareness that elections must be held without causing disputes.

Apart from that, gathering support for open dialogue and constructive discussions can also provide space for people to speak and listen to other people’s opinions. So this can help relieve tension and understand various perspectives between communities.

Divisions or quarrels that occur in society are triggered by several factors. One of them is believing fake news or hoaxes that are often found on social media. Hoax information can disrupt the election implementation process by causing confusion, conflict and distrust in election organizing institutions. In extreme cases, widespread hoaxes can lead to physical conflict and riots, especially if tempers flare between supporters of different candidates.

The spread of hoaxes during elections can create chaos and distrust of the election process and election organizing institutions. This can certainly damage the foundation of democracy itself. So the government makes various efforts to minimize the spread of hoaxes or fake news so that the election can run conducively and peacefully.

Chairman of the Indonesian Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu), Rahmat Bagja, said that his party asked the public to be careful in carrying out activities on social media, both in commenting and sharing information, in order to prevent hoaxes related to the 2024 Election. Apart from that, his party has formed a task force with a number of stakeholders. interests, one of which is with the Ministry of Communication and Information, as a form of effort to reduce the circulation of hoax news related to the 2024 Election. This is done because the circulation of hoaxes can cause information disruption which can reduce the level of public trust in the implementation of general elections.

To prevent the negative impact of hoaxes during elections and maintain a clean and fair election process, it is hoped that the entire community before disseminating information, be sure to check the truth and authenticity of the information. Apart from that, it is hoped that you use trusted news sources, if you find hoax news, report it to the relevant social media platform or fact website, and encourage other people to report it too.

On the other hand, the public can also participate in political campaigns that are positive and constructive. And focus on the real issues and not make personal attacks that cause disputes and arguments. Participate in positive campaigns aimed at fighting hoaxes and disseminating correct information during the election period, in order to create safe and peaceful elections without disputes and quarrels in society.

Director General of Public Information and Communication (IKP), Usman Kansong, stated that the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) is collaborating with Public Information Instructors (PIP) to oversee the 2024 Simultaneous Elections so that they run peacefully. PIP will be tasked with disseminating information related to the election and inviting the public to actively participate in the democratic party.

Usman also said that the education provided was a provision for PIPs. Its mission is to disseminate information and invite the public to play an active role in the 2024 Election by campaigning against hoaxes, anticipating SARA and carefully examining the candidates to be elected. PIP is the spearhead of the dissemination of public information to all corners of the country, including in remote areas that are not covered by telecommunications infrastructure. The PIP program, which has been running since 2017, also involves the Ministry of Religion by empowering Religious Counselors.

Apart from that, in the context of democracy, sometimes we are required to be different. Differences in opinion and political views are a form of democracy so it is hoped that there will be no divisions because absolute peace must be realized. Because, it is impossible for all people to have the same choices. And it is through these differences that the nation’s best leaders will be born. By being different, society has implemented a democratic life.

We have now entered an important period leading up to the 2024 elections. The government has appealed to all elements of society to maintain peace, respect differences of opinion, and avoid conflicts that could damage national unity and unity. Apart from that, with the cooperation and participation of all parties, it is hoped that the 2024 elections can run smoothly, safely and peacefully. And the public is asked to actively participate in creating a conducive atmosphere before, during and after the election for the sake of establishing quality democracy.

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