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Election is a Milestone in the Democratic System, Security Forces Commits to Realizing Peace


Elections are a milestone or pillar and the strong standing of the democratic system and principles in Indonesia. Therefore, the security forces from the joint forces have a very strong commitment to realizing peace, which it is hoped can also be helped by strengthening the cross-sectoral synergy that occurs.

Regional Military Commander (Pangdam) V / Brawijaya, Major General of the Indonesian National Army (Mayjen TNI) Farid Makruf has a very strong commitment to being able to continue to maintain security and peace during the implementation of political contestation, namely the General Election (Pemilu) in 2024. taking place.

How this very strong commitment was emphasized by him through the 2024 peaceful election declaration activity which was held at the Makodam V / Brawijaya Soldier Hall Building, Surabaya. He also emphasized that the implementation of the General Election itself was a very important milestone in the implementation of the democratic system in Indonesia.

Because through the implementation of elections, the people are given the rights and have a voice to be able to determine leaders and what direction the nation’s development will move in the future. So it is very clear that in this case, the community is given authority and is also very capable of actively participating in the future of the nation.

So that all parties must continue to be able to uphold the implementation of elections because this is a very important thing and must be able to be done by all parties in order to create values ​​from the principles of democracy in Indonesia, as well as to be able to learn how to respect each other’s differences of opinion.

The reason is, in the implementation of the democratic system or principles itself, it is very certain that between one community and another there will be differences of opinion or differences in political choices because of differences in preferences. This must also be interpreted as something that is normal and is actually the essence of democracy itself because it upholds every voting right of the people.

The declaration of peaceful elections itself is an important historical milestone for the sustainability of the nation’s future. Because peaceful elections alone are not enough, but political contestation must also be able to take place fairly and with dignity.

For this reason, all elements of society in the country have an equal responsibility to be able to collectively pass on a strong, democratic and prosperous nation to future generations. Meanwhile, the existence of this good national heritage, of course, will not be possible if it is not started immediately from now on.

Not only that, but the security forces also have a very strong commitment to being able to participate in maintaining conduciveness and security during the election process. They all ensure that they will be able to carry out their duties with full professionalism, neutrality and also continue to prioritize the principles of justice.

Meanwhile, people from all walks of life are very enthusiastic about taking part in the 2024 Election Carnival in Yogyakarta. According to the Chairman of the Yogyakarta City General Election Commission (KPU), Hidayat Widodo, he believes that the 2024 Election Carnival performance is a form of message of peace to all elements of society in Indonesia at the upcoming democratic festival.

The main aim of holding the Election Carnival is to provide learning about the importance of political education, democracy and also the stages of socialization so that the entire community can know what stages are currently taking place so that it is hoped that the community will also know what day and date all the stages of the Election are.

It is also hoped that with the Election Carnival, the public will be much more interested in the fact that democratic processes such as General Elections are actually something exciting or fun. Apart from that, if for example there is a difference of opinion between one citizen and another, then this should also be considered as a form of genuine democracy.

On another occasion, the Head of the Metro Jaya Regional Police (Kapolda), Inspector General of Police (Irjen Pol) Kartoyo continued to make efforts to strengthen preparations for peaceful elections. According to him, in order to realize a peaceful democratic party, it is very important that collaboration and a unified vision from all elements of society are brought together.

Cross-sectoral synergy from the security forces of the joint TNI and Indonesian National Police (Polri), then assisted by the role of the local Regional Government (Pemda) to stakeholders or other stakeholders, both as election organizers and implementers, is something that it is very important to continue to intensify it together.

The realization of peace in the implementation of the General Election (Pemilu) in 2024 will be possible if this is accompanied by a very strong commitment from the security forces to really be able to fully monitor the election process, because this momentum is a very important milestone to uphold. high level of implementation of democratic principles in Indonesia.

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