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Elections must be a momentum for a contest of ideas in the interests of the nation


The General Election (Pemilu), especially the Presidential Election (Pilpres) in 2024, is getting closer, namely in February 2024. The public has heated itself up with enthusiasm and hope that the Presidential Election process will run in accordance with the basic Luber-Jurdil principles.

It is hoped that the entire series of stages of the presidential election, from determining candidates to voting, will run smoothly and without any detrimental turmoil. In an effort to make this happen, the DPR RI has an important role in overseeing these important stages.

In a discussion entitled “The Role of the DPR in Monitoring the Election Stages After Registration of Presidential Candidates” which was held at the Media Center of the Indonesian DPR Nusantara III Building on 26 October 2023, Member of the Indonesian DPR, Syaiful Huda, was the main resource person. This discussion was also attended by Gelora Party Politician, Fahri Hamzah, and Political Observer from the Citra Institute, Yusak Farchan.

In this discussion, Syaiful Huda emphasized the importance of understanding the nature of democracy and avoiding an overly pragmatic approach to politics. He believes that every pair of Presidential Candidates and Vice Presidential Candidates (Capres-Cawapres) needs to have as much space as possible during the campaign period to voice the best ideas they have.

This aims to improve the quality of politics and encourage people to pay more attention to the substance of ideas rather than being caught up in pragmatic considerations.

Apart from that, Syaiful Huda also reminded the importance of understanding the quiet period in the presidential election process. The quiet period is not a time for politicking, but rather an ideal time for the public to reflect on the various arguments and ideas that have been conveyed by the presidential and vice presidential candidates during the campaign period.

The final stage, namely voting, is the most crucial stage in the election. Syaiful Huda hopes that the General Election Commission (KPU) and the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) will carry out their roles as best as possible in the voting process.

This is very important because high public participation in the 2024 presidential election is considered the key to success. The public must be aware of their important role in maintaining the integrity of their voices.

However, in facing the 2024 elections, there are several challenges that need to be overcome. For example, the Surabaya City Golkar Party DPD voiced the importance of political elites setting an example by avoiding negative narratives that could trigger conflict in society ahead of the elections.

Chairman of the Surabaya Golkar Party DPD, Arif Fathoni, emphasized the need for a peaceful political atmosphere and providing political education to the public. He asked all legislative candidates and Golkar Party cadres in Surabaya not to get involved in black campaigns that could damage the image of the presidential and vice presidential candidates. Instead, they must focus on delivering superior programs that benefit society.

One example of a program promoted by the Golkar Party is the program of providing free lunches to PAUD, SD, SMP, SMA and Islamic boarding school students throughout Indonesia. This is a step taken to ensure that voters vote based on the programs they offer rather than physical appearance.

The 2024 election is seen as an important moment, especially in the demographic bonus era. It is hoped that the younger generation will play an important role in determining the future of the nation. In the midst of technological and information developments, constructive dissemination of information is very important.

Arif Fathoni explained that politics is about choices. Elections must be considered as a competition for ideas and concepts that can move Indonesia in a better direction, not as a means to spread hatred.

He hopes that all winning teams for presidential and vice presidential candidates throughout Indonesia will choose to win the hearts of the people with useful programs and ideas, rather than falling into conventional politics which can trigger conflict. In the midst of a difficult global economic situation and competition between major powers, Indonesia can be an example to the world that its people have matured in democracy and are able to maintain a peaceful political atmosphere.

For this reason, Arif Fathoni hopes that the 2024 General Election will be a democratic party oriented towards thoughts and ideas, not just political figures. This is an opportunity for all of us to participate actively in supporting the democratic process, monitoring and criticizing wisely.

Most importantly, we must always prioritize the interests of the nation above all else, and make democracy a tool for achieving shared prosperity. The 2024 election is an opportunity for all of us to unite in a positive spirit and together lead Indonesia towards a better future.

We must reflect on the important messages that have been conveyed in the context of facing the 2024 elections. The democratic party is a time when we, as citizens, have a very significant role in determining the direction of this nation. However, this big role also brings great responsibility.

We must maintain the true spirit of democracy, which puts forward ideas and programs rather than tearing each other down and smear campaigns. A conducive political atmosphere is key to ensuring that every citizen feels comfortable and safe in voicing their opinions.

Democracy is about participating, not just on voting day, but also in understanding and following political developments, and in monitoring the performance of elected leaders. This is how we give meaning to the Luber-Jurdil principles, which are the foundation of our democratic system.

We have a great opportunity in the 2024 Election to show the world that we are a nation that is mature in democracy, that we can focus on ideas and thoughts that advance this country. In the era of technology and information, we also have to be smart in sorting the information we receive, and ensure that we disseminate correct and constructive information.

Elections are about the interests of the nation, not individuals or certain groups. Democracy is our tool to build a better future. Let us unite, work together, and together achieve our dreams for a more advanced and just Indonesia. The 2024 election is our momentum to work together to shape a better future for all of us. May Indonesia continue to succeed in the true spirit of democracy.

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