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Enthusiasm Welcomes Development Papua Youth Creative Hub


Papua – Young people and the people of Papua have very high enthusiasm in welcoming the construction of the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building, because it is considered a place for increasing interest and talent so that it also contributes to improving the welfare of the people in Cenderawasih Earth.

The efforts of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in distributing development from the West to the East of Indonesia are becoming increasingly visible day by day. It can even be said that this equalization effort is not only limited to discourse, but that equity has now also been truly realized.
With various kinds of realizations from efforts to equalize development carried out by the Government of Indonesia in all corners of the country, these efforts have now provided a lot of benefits to all people in the country, especially for local communities in areas where equity and development are carried out.

In Cenderawasih Earth, Papua, the Government of Indonesia continues to advance infrastructure development with the aim of continuing to improve people’s welfare. This is done by opening up regional isolation and also increasing access and connectivity, both from land routes and from multimodal routes.

As a result of infrastructure development in increasing access and connectivity, Papua now has roads, bridges, settlements and public facilities that are in no way inferior to facilities in other big cities in Indonesia.

What’s more, in the future the infrastructure development will continue to be carried out in Tanah Papua accompanied by equity and also improving the quality of local human resources (HR). The reason is, it cannot be denied that qualified human resources will be able to assist in the proper management of natural resources (SDA), which are very abundant in Cenderawasih Earth. That way, the welfare of the local community can also continue to increase.

Knowing how important it is to develop and develop human resources to be able to manage the abundant natural wealth in the Land of Papua, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia also continues to strive to improve this. One of them is the construction of the PYCH building.

Regarding the construction of the PYCH building, Deputy Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), Lt. Gen. TNI (Purn) Teddy Lhaksmana Widya Kusuma confirmed that the PYCH building in Jayapura is ready to be inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo.

In his written statement, Teddy stated that he had conducted a review and also checked all aspects, including ensuring that all preparations for the inauguration could be carried out more perfectly.

He added that all facilities for young people in Papua to be able to continue to develop their interests and talents such as a podcast studio room can be used, including an arts and entertainment room in which there is a photo studio.

Not only that, the Deputy Head of BIN has also checked the language room, coding and programming room, training room, classroom, PYCH Cafe, function room, marketing room, dormitory to sports facilities such as basketball and futsal courts.

He gave his high appreciation for the construction of the building and the facilities in the entire PYCH building. Teddy also praised the many UMKM products from young Papuans and also a number of applications made by the Papuan Inspiring Youth (PMI) organization.

Readiness has indeed been ascertained and it is only a matter of waiting for the inauguration. Therefore, young people and the people of Papua enthusiastically welcome the construction of the PYCH building, including the government’s efforts to rebuild it in Manokwari Regency, West Papua Province.

According to the West Papua Province Inspiring Young Papua Coordinator (PMI), Simon Tabuni, the PYCH building in Manokrawi will indeed become a place for young people to be able to continue to develop themselves, their interests and talents so that they can participate in advancing the Land of Papua.

PMI also thanked President Joko Widodo and Head of BIN, Gen. Pol (Purn) Budi Gunawan, for the construction of the PYCH building. Because the construction of the PYCH building in Manokrawi Regency itself was a directive, idea and direct support from President Jokowi and the Head of BIN. Because it will bring many changes in a better direction and be able to become a vehicle for increasing the interests and talents of the younger generation of Papua and will contribute directly to improving welfare in Cenderawasih Earth, the construction of the PYCH building is greeted with joy and enthusiasm which is very high by the people and young people of Papua.

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