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Government Continues to Prepare for the 2024 Election


Jakarta – The government and related stakeholders are committed to continuing preparations for the 2024 elections and will be held simultaneously according to the schedule that has been determined with the DPR. This statement was made by Deputy V Head of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP), Jaleswari Pramodhawardani in response to the decision of the Central Jakarta District Court (PN Jakpus).

Surprisingly, the Central Jakarta District Court decided to postpone the 2024 Election. Despite causing controversy, the Government continues to prepare a schedule for the 2024 Election stages so that it continues as it should.
The general election (Pemilu) is an important moment to elect a new Indonesian leader. The 2024 elections must be carefully prepared so that they run smoothly and there are no disturbances. The preparations are also carried out by socializing that the election will take place in an honest and fair manner.

However, preparations for the election were hampered by a decision by the Central Jakarta District Court, which decided to postpone the election until 2025. This decision was made because the court granted the civil lawsuit of the Prima Party to postpone the election. The Central Jakarta District Court has clearly violated the rules and is against the government, because President Jokowi is also adamant that he wants the elections to be on time (in 2024).

Deputy President KH Ma’ruf Amin stated that preparations for the election were continuing and that this grand event would be carried out according to schedule (in 2024), and that the KPU (General Election Commission) would continue the legal process, which was currently filing an appeal.

The Central Jakarta District Court’s decision to grant the postponement was strongly opposed by the Vice President. KH Ma’ruf Amin, according to him, the Central Jakarta District Court has no authority to postpone the 2024 elections. Therefore, a review needs to be held.

This means that the government will continue preparations for the 2024 elections even though there is a decision from the Central Jakarta District Court. It is impossible for the Election to be postponed just because of the demands from the Prima Party which did not pass verification.

Indonesia is a democratic country but if there are citizens who act on behalf of a party and then sue and ask for a postponement of the elections, it is really outrageous. His actions are clearly dangerous and could interfere with election preparations. As the party chairman who sued the government and tried to delay the election, his name will be remembered forever.

Even though there was a decision from the Central Jakarta District Court, the government is still adamant to continue preparations for the 2024 election. The reason is because the schedule has been prepared long ago. Preparations will still be carried out according to plan and regardless of the decision of the Central Jakarta District Court.

Meanwhile, the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD stated that the Central Jakarta District Court’s decision was erroneous, especially regarding the decision to postpone the elections to 2025. The reason is because election matters must go to a higher level, namely to the Constitutional Court (MK), not to the district court.

In a sense, the Central Jakarta District Court violated regulations because it decided to postpone the election, whereas it has no right to do so. Elections are the KPU’s business, not a PN-class court.

The public should not be trapped by the hoax that it is the government that wants the postponement of the elections, because President Jokowi himself is against it. Don’t fall for fake news and propaganda spreading on social media as if the election was postponed because you want an additional presidential term. As a statesman, President Jokowi always obeys the rules and doesn’t want to do it.

Meanwhile, President Jokowi ordered KPU chairman Hasyim Asya’ri to submit a report on preparations for the 2024 election. He stated several points in the meeting. First, the President fully supports the implementation of simultaneous 2024 General Elections and Pilkada (regional head elections). Elections are also on schedule, namely February 14, 2024.

Second, a number of ministers were ordered to support the KPU in organizing the 2024 elections, especially in terms of budget and logistics. They are the minister of foreign affairs, the minister of home affairs, the minister of law and human rights, the minister of finance and the minister of health. There is also support from high-ranking officials such as the TNI Commander, the National Police Chief, and the Attorney General.

Third, the President asked the KPU and its staff throughout Indonesia as well as the Election Committee to hold elections whose quality is maintained. Not only the number of voters is higher but also the level of education. While fourth, the KPU must be careful because elections are political. Don’t let political issues get out of hand.

Fifth, the campaign is carried out in the shortest possible time, a maximum of 90 days. Meanwhile, the last one, President Jokowi will deploy the apparatus to support the smooth production and distribution of logistics during the election. Logistics should also be domestic production.

The government continues preparations for the 2024 elections so that they can proceed according to the set schedule. The reason is because the decision is legally flawed and a court at the District Court level has no right to do so, because the MK has the right. The election will continue according to the original schedule and the public is expected to remain calm and not be affected by the issue of postponing the election. The government will continue to support and facilitate the holding of elections according to schedule. In addition, the government also continues to entrust election preparations to the KPU. It is hoped that the public will remain calm in facing the decision to postpone the election and continue to support the KPU in continuing to hold the 2024 elections.

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