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Get the opportunity to become a superior young generation through the AMN program in Manado


The younger generation, especially students, is the key to success in advancing the nation. Therefore, all students from various regions to remote corners of the archipelago are able to achieve the same opportunity to become a superior young generation through the Nusantara Student Dormitory (AMN) program.

The progress of a nation can only be realized through an appropriate development process, whereas this development process must clearly be accompanied by the fulfillment of a sense of justice that can be accepted by various background groups without the slightest distinction.

In this case, the State Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BIN RI) initiated the development and AMN program in several areas, namely the first in the City of Heroes Surabaya and the second in Manado, where later the AMN will continue in various other cities in the country. .

The development and implementation of the AMN program by BIN aims to, among other things, realize the principle of justice in efforts to improve the education sector, especially for young people or among students throughout the archipelago, regardless of their background at all.

Because if development continues to be carried out but without the principle of justice in it, it will still create inequality, whereas if even though justice occurs but it is not supported by development, it will clearly not be possible to create national progress.

In essence, all young people who are the next generation of the nation, including from various regions and even remote corners of the archipelago, have the same right to be able to experience how to improve the quality of education with adequate facilities to improve the quality of young human resources (HR).

AMN Program Initiated by BIN Efforts to Create a Vision of a Superior Young Generation

The Governor of North Sulawesi (Sulut) Province, represented by the Secretary of North Sulawesi Province, Steve Kepel, hopes that the construction of the AMN Building in Manado will be able to make a very positive contribution to the development and development of the quality of young human resources in North Sulawesi Province.

For him, the construction of the AMN building initiated by BIN is not just development in terms of physical work, but is also a symbol of how strong BIN’s commitment is to fully support improving the quality of young human resources.

Of course, through the AMN development and program, we can create a very conducive environment for all students, even from various regions in remote areas of the archipelago, so that they can learn, be creative and collaborate.

With this step, significant developments will occur, namely in supporting the shared vision of creating a young generation who is superior and ready to compete not only at the national level, but also on the international stage.

The existence of a superior young generation in the AMN program is the key to success in the nation’s progress

The superior young generation, that is, they also apply or uphold all the principles of the basic philosophical values ​​of the state of Pancasila in their daily lives, as well as the healthy and intelligent young generation are very important capital for the development of superior human resources in Indonesia, all of which are continues to be trained in the AMN program initiated by BIN to advance this nation.

Therefore, having competent young people is absolutely mandatory for a nation to have, apart from that, this country must continue to strive for this. One of them is with various programs, such as the Nusantara Youth Dormitory.

Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Mendikbudristek) Nadiem Anwar Makarim said that the young generation who implements and upholds the principles of Pancasila is a provision to be able to achieve their dreams in the future.

Now with the AMN program, there are no longer any limits for the nation’s young generation to be able to dream as high as possible. Good learning is actually learning that is able to liberate humans, in the sense that learning must also be accompanied by a free body and a happy soul.

Learning should be an activity that can be seen as full of happiness, comfort, security and filled with very high enthusiasm by students, all of which they will get if they take part in the AMN program.

In the AMN program, the nation’s next generation of young people will gain self-motivation with many good things, then they will all continue to explore their own talents and interests.

This is because young people in the future are required to be able to work in a group, including interacting with many people with diverse backgrounds. For this reason, they must be educated as early as possible so that they continue to develop the values ​​of mutual cooperation and the value of diversity.

The opportunity to become a superior young generation is wide open through the AMN program initiated by BIN. Therefore, the community in particular is asked to actively participate in this program so that the nation’s superior seeds can continue to be born to continue the leadership relay.

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