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Government Monitors Neutrality of State Apparatus in 2024 Election


The government continues to ensure the neutrality of the state apparatus in the 2024 elections. As a force that has significant influence, the government continues to maintain stability and prevent political directions that could endanger national unity and integrity.
One of the key steps in maintaining neutrality is directing the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) and the public not to get involved in political activities that could lead to certain political choices. This step was taken to prevent potential conflict and inequality in general elections.
Several restrictions have been set for ASN, TNI and Polri to ensure their non-neutrality during the election period. It is strictly forbidden for them to be involved in the campaign via social media, attend the declaration of candidates participating in the election, or participate as campaign committee members. The use of ASN attributes is also prohibited to prevent abuse of power and influence.
The importance of neutrality is also reflected in the prohibition on activities that can show partiality, such as making invitations, appeals or appeals that lead to support for certain candidates. Apart from that, involving state facilities in the campaign and providing support to legislative candidates or independent regional head candidates by submitting resident identification cards is also strictly prohibited.
The government must play its role as a neutral supervisor, ensuring that elections are fair, and maintaining national stability and unity. Don’t let the 2024 election produce a residue of prolonged conflict.
Suhajar Diantoro, Secretary General of the Ministry of Home Affairs and also the General Election Supervisory Body, highlighted the role of ASN in maintaining neutrality during the 2024 Election. In his view, ASN is not just an organizer, but a very crucial sector because it is closely related to public services.
First of all, Diantoro emphasized that ASN’s neutrality is very important to ensure that all candidates and political parties get equal opportunities. This is not only an effort to prevent unfair interference, but also to ensure that elections take place fairly for all participants. This neutrality is also needed to maintain public trust, avoiding speculation that the election was influenced by certain parties.
Furthermore, ASN’s neutrality is considered a step to avoid misuse of resources for political interests. This not only involves protecting the integrity of political competition, but also safeguarding the interests of the public as a whole. In essence, ASN neutrality is not only a guarantee of fair service, but also guarantees that government policies remain focused on the public interest.
At a National Coordination Meeting, Diantoro emphasized that ASN’s neutrality is not only a bulwark for preventing violations, but also reflects support for democratic principles. Through this neutrality, it is hoped that the implementation of elections will be fair and able to facilitate public participation in voting freely, in accordance with the principles of healthy democracy.
Diantoro emphasized that in their role as professionals, ASNs are expected to treat politicians and political parties equally, working independently based on the interests of the state and society, regardless of the practical five-year political cycle. ASN neutrality is not just a duty, but a commitment to maintaining the foundations of democracy and the success of future elections.
Most recently, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin firmly reminded that the success of the 2024 elections really depends on the continuity of democracy and the government’s neutrality. In an event at the Grand Hotel River Park, Bratislava, Slovakia, on November 26 2023, Vice President Amin emphasized the importance of maintaining honesty and fairness in general elections.
The importance of neutrality can be seen in his statement, “Don’t let general elections be considered unfair and unfair, because that could damage the quality of democracy and threaten the legitimacy of the elected government.”
Vice President Ma’ruf Amin also highlighted the role of officials, political players and election organizers to play with integrity. For him, if the election rules and substance run well, the resulting government will have strong legitimacy.
In the context of differences of opinion among citizens, the Vice President underlined this as the inevitability of democracy. However, he emphasized the need to support the democratic agenda in a peaceful, honest, orderly and fair manner. Different choices are the essence of elections, and this diversity must be respected.
Remembering that the campaign period will begin on November 28, Vice President Amin asked all parties, including contestants, election organizers and the public, to comply with the rules. The neutrality of election organizers and security are the focus, with the hope that the campaign will run well and without conflict.

The importance of avoiding provocations and issues that could divide society was also highlighted by Vice President Amin. He emphasized that the public should not be provoked by negative issues, disinformation or hoaxes that might emerge during the election.
In order to maintain neutrality, Vice President Amin asked all parties, including ASN and officials, to be fair and obey the rules. It is important to maintain neutrality and integrity during the 2024 elections to ensure the continuity of democracy and the legitimacy of the elected government.

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