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The Government Manages Papua’s Natural Resources for the Welfare of the Community


Accelerating development in Papua will further introduce the Earth of Cenderawasih even to the world stage. The reason is, this region does have the potential for very abundant natural wealth or natural resources (SDA), so that if it can be managed optimally and optimally it will be an added value in itself.
It cannot be denied that Papua’s Cenderawasih Bay has a marine ecosystem that can be said to be the richest in the country. This is a huge potential to continue to encourage Indonesia’s easternmost province to become increasingly known for its natural riches even internationally.
Highlighting the enormous wealth of natural resources found in the Land of Papua, the President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in his speech when opening the Sail Cenderawasih Bay event in Biak Numfor stated that Cenderawasih Bay is a paradise for coral reefs and a paradise for other marine biota.
Therefore, he really hopes that with the Sail Teluk Cenderawasih, the culture, dance, music and various local products in Bumi Cenderawasih will be increasingly introduced to the national level. Not only that, but it is even able to continue to penetrate international and global levels.
For information, two-thirds of the country’s territory is oceans with many kinds of maritime riches which have even been recognized by the world. Because it is the home of the Pacific region, Papua is even considered the spearhead of Indonesia’s face, which has abundant natural wealth from the maritime sector. So the Head of State really hopes that Sail Teluk Cenderawasih can help to introduce the maritime potential, maritime potential, tourism potential and socio-cultural potential that Indonesia has.
Furthermore, the existence of the Cenderawasih Bay Sail will also be able to encourage increased visits from tourists, increase various types of events and especially attract more interest from investors to come and advance the Land of Papua.
President Jokowi then advised that similar events could be continued and enhanced in their creativity, including innovation and community involvement in them. Don’t forget that the involvement of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) will continue to be encouraged, so that in the future all people in Papua can experience the benefits of accelerated development.
Meanwhile, Investment Minister Bahlil Lahadalia added that the Sail Cenderawasih Bay activity aims to encourage accelerated development of natural and marine potential in the Papua region. There are at least three main focuses, namely marine downstreaming, regional potential development and investment. The downstreaming carried out is primarily marine downstreaming, not just mining, because actually the sea can also be used for downstreaming.
The Papua region, which is located at the eastern tip of Indonesia, has a wealth of natural resources. Therefore, it is not surprising that many foreign companies are even willing to fight over permits to carry out exploitation there.
With abundant natural resource ownership, environmentally based tourism should be able to be further developed in Papua. Moreover, the island, which is nicknamed a small paradise that fell to Earth, has natural and cultural diversity. It is appropriate for the Indonesian government together with the community and other related parties to be able to manage and package the area in such a way that more local and foreign tourists come to Papua.
Of course, the management carried out must also continue to pay attention to the environment so that the various potentials found in Bumi Cenderawasih can be maintained for future generations. The Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov) invites all local residents to further develop environmentally based tourism because the potential for tourism is still wide open in the province so it is very important for it to continue to be developed.
The reason is, if all the potential possessed by Tanah Papua can be further developed and then packaged according to the interests of tourists, it will certainly be an added value, which in the end will help improve the welfare of local residents.
Assistant for General Affairs of the Papua Regional Secretariat (Setda), Derek Hegemur, said that the province still has the opportunity to further develop environmentally based tourism, the government and community must be able to collaborate in maintaining the environment and existing natural resources.

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