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Government Strengthens Role of Indigenous Papuan Entrepreneurs for Community Welfare


The government continues to provide space for indigenous Papuan entrepreneurs to develop. With so many entrepreneurs from Indigenous Papuans (OAP), it is hoped that it will provide ample opportunities for the Papuan people to earn a living and work according to their skills.

Some time ago, Vice President Mahruf Amin, together with a number of leaders of indigenous Papuan business associations gathered at the Papua Governor’s Office, Jayapura. This meeting was an important moment in underlining the government’s commitment to encouraging economic growth and improving people’s welfare in Papua and West Papua Provinces.

The Indonesian government has designated Papua as one of the main focuses in efforts to accelerate welfare development. One of the instruments used to achieve this goal is Presidential Regulation Number 17 of 2019 concerning Procurement of Government Goods/Services.

This regulation is specifically designed to encourage economic growth in the Provinces of Papua and West Papua. In this context, the role of indigenous Papuan entrepreneurs is crucial, and the government is committed to continuing to strengthen their role.

The Vice President at the meeting emphasized the importance of collaboration between the government and other stakeholders. Efforts to achieve sustainable economic growth require synergy between all parties involved. In this case, not only large business actors are expected to play a role, but also small business actors. Collaboration between them will provide mutual benefits.

However, the role of indigenous Papuan entrepreneurs in this process is very important. They are the main actors in driving the regional economy. Therefore, improving their quality and capabilities is key.

Small and micro entrepreneurs need to be competitive, not only in local markets, but also in international markets. In an increasingly connected world, opportunities to market local products globally have become increasingly important. The Vice President encouraged small businesses to continue to increase their competitiveness.

Apart from that, it is also important to produce professional and competent entrepreneurs. This requires efforts to increase the capacity of members of indigenous Papuan business associations in various aspects of business. In this way, entrepreneurs will be created who are not only qualified, but also able to compete at the international level. The government is committed to providing support in this effort.

On this occasion, the Vice President expressed his appreciation to organizational leaders and entrepreneurs who have contributed to economic development in Papua. Their contribution not only advances the economy, but also creates jobs and improves the welfare of local communities. In this context, the role of associations and business organizations becomes very important in coordinating joint efforts.

The chairman of the Apindo Papua DPD, Tulus Sianipar, also expressed his aspirations for the establishment of a training institution for workers in Papua. Education and training are a strong foundation for improving the capabilities of local workers.

This will open the door to better access and better outcomes in education, which in turn will have a positive impact on the lives of Papuan people.

The leaders of native Papuan business associations who attended the meeting are clear examples of business diversity in Papua. They come from various economic sectors, including trade, fishing, agriculture, and many others. Their presence at this meeting shows the seriousness of indigenous Papuan entrepreneurs in taking an important role in the development of their region.

To achieve the goal of sustainable economic development in Papua, cooperation between all parties is key. The government, large entrepreneurs and small businesses must unite to create an environment that supports healthy and inclusive economic growth.

Apart from that, native Papuan entrepreneurs must be the driving force in this effort, with support from various sectors and the government.

This meeting marked a significant step forward in efforts to strengthen the role of indigenous Papuan entrepreneurs. They are not only local business actors, but also key players in developing prosperity in Papua.

With strong cooperation and continued support, we can see positive developments in the economy and welfare of the Papuan people. We all have a role to play in making this vision a reality, and it’s time for everyone to come together in this common effort.

At this historic meeting, the Government and indigenous Papuan entrepreneurs have confirmed their commitment to achieving increased welfare of the Papuan people. Cooperation and synergy between various stakeholders will be key in achieving this goal.

Indigenous Papuan entrepreneurs, with the support of the government and various economic sectors, will play an important role in driving the economy and creating opportunities for local communities.

All parties have a responsibility to create a better future for Papua, and now is the time to unite in this common effort. With a spirit of collaboration and shared commitment, we can realize the dream of prosperity for the Papuan people.

Let’s together commit to taking concrete steps to support indigenous Papuan entrepreneurs and accelerate welfare development in Papua. With strong cooperation, we can create positive changes that will be felt by all levels of society.

As a nation, let’s make Papua an example of success in efforts to strengthen the regional economy and improve community welfare. This invitation is a call to work together to play a role in creating a better future for Papua.

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