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Security Forces Continue to Protect Local Communities from KST Papua Threats


Papua is an area that requires special assistance from the government and has been in the spotlight in recent years due to the conflict involving the Papuan Armed Separatist Group (KST). Security forces have made great efforts to protect the Papuan people from the threat of KST Papua, while facing complex challenges involving political, social and economic aspects.

The conflict in Papua has complex historical roots, including issues of human rights, special autonomy, and dissatisfaction with natural resource management. KST Papua, a separatist group that uses violent tactics to achieve their political goals, has become a serious threat to the security of society and security forces in this region. Attacks on infrastructure, kidnappings and armed clashes are incidents that unfortunately are not uncommon in Papua.

Deputy Chairman of Commission III DPR RI Ahmad Sahroni assessed that the series of actions carried out by armed criminal groups (KKB) in Papua could no longer be tolerated. According to him, security forces must immediately take firm action.

Posthumous Brigadier Rudi Agung Ashari was one of the security officers who was shot dead by KST Papua members while on duty in the Bintang Mountains, Papua Mountains. It is feared that attacks will repeat themselves and cause more victims, if KST does not act immediately. The TNI-Polri were asked to immediately eradicate this group from Papua.

Criticism of KST also came from Papuan community leader Yonas Alfons Nusy. According to Yonas, the security disturbances that are always carried out by the KKB in Papua have injured the lives of Papuans on their own land.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of Commission III DPR RI Ahmad Sahroni said that KST would not only cause more victims, if it was not immediately eradicated. Apart from that, if KST continues to allow it, it will undermine the authority of the state.

Security forces continue to work hard to protect the Papuan people from the threat of the Papuan Armed Separatist Group (KST). These efforts involve intensive security measures, active patrols, and cooperation with local communities. The aim is to create a safe and peaceful environment for all citizens, as well as maintain stability and peace in the Papua region.

National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo also spoke about the attack carried out by  KST Papua  which even resulted in the death of state security officers. With this incident, the National Police Chief emphasized that the TNI and Indonesian National Police (Polri) would take many firm steps, including law enforcement in the field.

Security forces from joint personnel consisting of the TNI, Polri and the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) will continue to carry out various protection efforts for the community and continue to take various strict law enforcement steps regarding the shootings in  Papua  .

One approach taken by security forces is to increase their presence in areas prone to conflict, as well as carrying out intensive patrols to prevent possible attacks. Apart from that, they also continue to promote cooperation with local communities to obtain valuable intelligence information, which helps in identifying and arresting Papuan KST members.

Furthermore, National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo said that security measures were being taken to continue protecting the community.

Apart from that, it is not only separatist and terrorist groups that must be dealt with firmly, but also other parties who have helped  KST Papua  so far must also be hunted down.

TNI Commander, Admiral Yudo Margono then emphasized that this time his troops would absolutely no longer act humanely towards these separatist and terrorist groups.

KST is a source of chaos in Papua. The reason is, KST was not only involved in attacks on security forces and civil society, but also the kidnapping and murder of activists.

The government has formed the Papua Peace Task Force to secure the Land of Cenderawasih, including by shooting 5 KST members in the Bintang Papua Mountains who were acting up again in the Papua region.

The Cartenz Peace Task Force also succeeded in confiscating 3 rifles as evidence. Measurable firm action against KST Papua is necessary because so far separatist gangs have often caused riots in the Oksibil area, Bintang Mountains.

It is important to recognize that the security forces’ efforts are not only limited to military aspects, but also involve social and economic approaches. Development programs aimed at improving the welfare of the Papuan people as a whole have been implemented, with the hope that better opportunities and education will reduce the attraction to extremist groups.

With maximum security and firm and measurable action from the security forces, it has proven successful in restoring conducive and safe conditions in the Papua Mountains region from all threats of crime and terror which continue to be intensified by KST Papua.

Protecting the Papuan people from the threat of KST Papua requires cooperation and joint efforts from all relevant parties. With a balanced approach between security, economic development and political dialogue, it is hoped that Papua can achieve sustainable peace and provide hope for future generations. The government, security forces and Papuan people must work together to realize this vision, building a safe, peaceful and prosperous future for Papua and Indonesia as a whole.

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