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Holding the AIS Summit, Indonesia Shows Leadership Among Island Countries


Indonesia is holding the first edition of the 2023 AIS Summit or Summit in Bali. It is believed that the event which will be held on 10-11 October 2023 will not only be able to answer global maritime challenges, but will also be a special moment that will be able to show Indonesia’s leadership among archipelagic countries.

Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagic countries in the world. As an archipelagic country, Indonesia is of course faced with a number of challenges that are very likely also faced by other archipelagic countries. A number of these challenges include piracy, marine debris, and the importance of developing a blue economy. These various issues show the importance of a forum for meeting island countries to further become the background for the AIS Summit which will be held in the Nusa Dua area, Bali.

The AIS Summit was officially opened by President Jokowi. In this case, the Indonesian Government as host of the meeting of leaders of archipelagic countries also invited 29 archipelagic countries and four international organizations to attend this event. The event was a lively event which also showed the greatness of Indonesia as a maritime country.

The AIS Summit itself has been held long ago. This is reflected in the Government’s various preparations, starting from securing the delegation from the time they arrive until they return to their home country. Not only that, the Government has also prepared a media center as a forum for journalists to work to convey various positive results regarding the AIS Summit. PLN and Telkom are also committed to ensuring smooth electricity and internet access.

The AIS Summit is believed to have had various positive contributions to the international political arena. In international cooperation, Indonesia has been known to be able to blend in anywhere, both developed and developing countries. Indonesia’s position is highly respected because we are seen as a potential developing country, and when there are international forums, many leaders of other countries respect President Jokowi, including at the G20 Summit, the ASEAN Summit, and the AIS Summit which was attended by 29 archipelagic countries.

At the 2023 AIS Summit held in Bali, Indonesia was known to be flooded with praise from many state guests. Meanwhile, praise and appreciation have also been addressed to President Joko Widodo who is considered capable of encouraging dialogue in the interests of island countries.

Praise for the implementation of the international event also came from delegates and representatives from participating countries at the 2023 AIS Summit. As is known, the 2023 AIS Summit was the first event held in Bali. In its implementation, this time it was special because it was attended by a large number of heads of state/government leaders from island countries.

According to President Joko Widodo or Jokowi, at the global level, island countries are still important and relevant for the people, for the region and for the world. This group of countries will continue to contribute to global peace and stability. Apart from that, the many island countries will continue to be able to maintain global economic growth.

Before the 2023 AIS Summit took place, this forum was a forum for ideas and innovations driven by Indonesia. Initially, the idea for the AIS Forum Summit was initiated in 2017 based on the challenges faced by Indonesia as an archipelagic country. Not only the problem of climate change, developing the potential of the blue economy, but also problems of connectivity, empowerment of coastal communities, and marine pollution.

Director of Economic and Maritime Information and Communication, Septriana Tangkary, also attended the 2023 AIS Forum Media Briefing and explained the aim of the AIS Forum, namely to address global problems in the first four areas, including climate change mitigation and adaptation, blue economy, handling plastic waste in sea ​​and good maritime governance.

Meanwhile, UNDP Indonesia’s Senior Advisor for Climate Governance, Abdul Wahid Situmorang, also reminded that for island and archipelagic countries, the sea is the backbone of the economy and requires solutions that can be used for the country itself and other developing countries.

The representatives of the leaders of the countries participating in the AIS Summit also agreed to accelerate the green economy transition and develop technological innovation for sustainable development and growth.

Indonesia has proven itself capable of leading island countries in responding to global challenges, producing breakthroughs in cooperation for the world community. The success of the 2023 AIS Summit shows that Indonesia is able to navigate foreign diplomacy that is not only beneficial for global interests but also benefits Indonesia’s own domestic interests. The AIS Forum Summit held in Bali has the main target, namely formulating a leaders’ declaration which contains the hopes of state leaders, how in the future the AIS Forum Summit will continue to develop into an international organization that can help the benefit of islanders or residents of island and archipelagic countries. , as well as improving and improving various programs and work that have been carried out by the AIS Forum.

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