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IKN Nusantara Brings Indonesia to Become a Developed Country


The development of the National Capital City or IKN Nusantara is a strategic step to bring Indonesia into a developed country. Because, IKN development will use a smart city which is expected to be able to create equitable development in various regions of Indonesia.

Since the era of the First President of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno, the relocation of the nation’s capital was planned and then in the era of President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, it was only realized. Moving the country’s capital to IKN Nusantara is part of the Indonesia Emas 2045 vision. The Indonesia Emas 2045 vision seeks to increase national economic growth that is inclusive or involves all components of society.

Moving the country’s capital to central Indonesia could be a catalyst for fairer economic distribution, as well as increasing economic and social growth that is much better than today.

Chair of the IKN Infrastructure Development Implementation Task Force of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), Danis Hidayat Sumadilaga said that the aim of IKN Nusantara is not just to build offices or government buildings, but also to create a new economic growth center.

This is because later in IKN itself there will be industries related to new renewable energy (EBT), future agriculture and priority economic sectors. The public does not need to worry about the impact of IKN development on the environment. The granting of land permits in IKN has been carried out in accordance with a predetermined scheme, and will not be haphazard. There is already a Detailed Spatial Planning Plan (RDTR) which regulates the use of space and green areas in IKN which was prepared by the Ministry of ATR/BPN together with the Nusantara IKN Authority Agency.

Meanwhile, regarding the implementation of the green & smart city concept, PT PLN (Persero) and OIKN Nusantara officially collaborated to build an integrated electricity ecosystem based on green, smart and beautiful for IKN Nusantara.

PLN President Director Darmawan Prasodjo said that PLN has designed an electricity system for IKN Nusantara to become a green city whose electricity is based on new and renewable energy (EBT). PLN supports IKN Nusantara to become a green, futuristic and sustainable city, and everything will be based on state of the art of technology.

IKN Nusantara’s electricity will later be supported by electricity generation from renewable resources, namely the 50 MW Solar Power Plant (PLTS), which has just had its groundbreaking . PLN will also map and utilize hydro around IKN with a potential electricity generation of 1,000 MW, so that the IKN Nusantara electricity system will come from new and 100 percent renewable energy.

In accommodating the development of EBT in IKN, PLN will later build an area called the Integrated Renewable Energy Zone , where there is a research and development center for EBT from the PLN Group. Furthermore, IKN will also be supported by an electricity network with modern technology to distribute electricity from various EBT generating sources throughout the IKN Nusantara area.

In implementing this smart concept , PLN will build a smart transmission and distribution system equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology where the electrical installation is underground so that it is more aesthetically pleasing in accordance with the beautiful concept.

This smart city concept will make IKN a healthy, efficient, productive city, friendly for pedestrians and bicycle users, as well as providing security, health and education services that can become a center for global innovation.

In order to build dialogue and active community involvement in IKN development, the Directorate of Economic and Maritime Information and Communication, Directorate General of Public Information, Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) held dialogue and discussions in Balikpapan.

This activity explained that the development of IKN would truly show the greatness of the Indonesian nation. By reflecting national identity, ensuring social, economic and environmental sustainability, creating a forest city, smart city , modern and sustainable city, and having national standards.

Therefore, all parties are expected to play a full role in developing IKN, including the Ministry of Communication and Information which plays an active role in digital infrastructure by developing an Electronic Based Government System (SPBE) and also in providing a National Data Center (PDN).

Future IKN owners will be the younger generation. For this reason, the government’s current task is to lay the initial foundation for IKN development. One step is to build a life-based education system to prepare the golden generation in 2045.

IKN development does not only take the form of infrastructure and economic development, but also sustainable cultural, environmental and educational development. The sustainability in question includes innovation in all sectors of life with changes in technology, mindsets, systems and policies with participation in all aspects of life.

In this way, the vision of ‘Smart, Green, Beautiful and Sustainable’ in IKN development is translated through the development of cities that coexist with nature through the concepts of forest city and smart and intelligent city . Forest City is a city concept that prioritizes the sustainability of forests and biodiversity, as well as the balance between humans and nature. Thus, it is hoped that IKN can become a city that prioritizes social and modern inclusion, while still paying attention to environmental sustainability and sustainability.

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