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Impressive, PYCH Introduces Four Applications Made by Papuan Children


Jayapura – Papuan youths who are members of the Inspiring Young Papua (PMI) assisted by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) have succeeded in creating four new applications for the advancement of the Earth of Cendrawasih.

Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) introduced four applications created by these youths, which consist of Pacific Park Tour and Travel, Container (waste bank management), Village Assistance Application, and Papuan Talent Management.

The coordinator of the four applications made by Papuan children at PYCH, Nanny Uswanas, explained the sophistication of the four applications made by Papuan children.

First, Pacific Park Tour and Travel which is a solution to tourism problems in areas in Papua.

“We are trying to integrate the tourism ecosystem there. We can see that in Papua access to tourism is rather difficult, there are only a few information about famous tourist destinations in Papua,” he said.

Nanny revealed that this application also introduces other tours and integrates them.

“Later, if for example we look for hotels in that area, we will know what tourism there are in that area,” he said.

Then, the Container application to manage waste. In addition to increasing concern for the environment, this application can increase fees to increase APBD revenue and reduce operational costs.

Furthermore, there is the Village Companion Application which is specifically for the community, youth, women leaders, to religious leaders who care about regional development.

“This application is indeed quite special because it is intended for the community, be it youth, women leaders, community leaders, to religious leaders who care about development in the region,” said Nanny.

The next application is Papua Talent Management. According to Nanny, this application is a new innovation made by Inspirational Young Papua friends. This application was also made to answer people’s concerns and statements about where Papua’s talents are.

“All this time, it’s hard for people to find Papuan talent. Because if you go to several agencies, they don’t find the skills needed by industry or other private sectors,” he explained.

He also expressed his gratitude to President Joko Widodo for the construction of the PYCH building in Jayapura, Papua.

“On behalf of the founder and all members of Inspiring Young Papua throughout Papua, I would like to thank Mr. Jokowi very much for providing a platform for talent development in the land of Papua,” he said.

He also expressed his gratitude to BIN for fostering and providing full support for their creations and works.

Nanny hopes that PYCH buildings can be built in several areas in Papua. This is because the territory of Papua is very wide and its young people are scattered in other regions.

For information, PYCH buildings are planned to exist in 7 customary areas in Papua and West Papua Provinces, as well as one in Maluku Province. The development initiated by the Head of BIN Budi Gunawan based on President Joko Widodo’s direction will become a platform for self-development for young people throughout Papua.

President Joko Widodo hopes that the existence of the Papua Youth Creative Hub, which was sparked at a meeting with young Papuans in September 2019, will later become a center for developing talents in Papua.

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