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The Success of BIN and PMI in Implementing the Program to Increase Papua’s Welfare


Papua – The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) together with Inspiring Young Papua (PMI) have successfully implemented various programs in order to improve welfare in Papua and West Papua. This success was assisted by the existence of the PYCH Building as a potential development center for young Papuans.

PMI and BIN are developing programs in agriculture, especially corn. Apart from agriculture, PMI together with BIN also develop potential in other fields such as animal husbandry, arts, MSMEs, and education.

In the livestock sector, through PYCH, BIN and PMI, at least now they have developed 17 locations for laying hens in the provinces of Papua and West Papua. It is even planned to build another 10 chicken farm locations in the near future.

A laying hen breeder, Maria Fransisca Tambingo, said that PMI and BIN provided assistance and guidance. Maria is determined to increase production and empower more people in her business.

“I want to be a motivation for young Papuan friends to get involved and work in the livestock business, while at the same time developing the potential that already exists within them at PMI,” said Maria.

Apart from Maria, PYCH also helps foster Brigitta Hisage who is involved in the livestock business. Even a business that is not even a year old can advance to having 1,000 chickens. Brigitta also targets the addition of chickens this year to reach 5,000 chickens.

“Every month the turnover of laying hens is around IDR 52 million. Deducting feed and staff costs, the monthly net profit reaches IDR 30 million,” said Brigitta.

Brigitta also invited young Papuans to continue to be creative and develop their talents so they could contribute to increasing prosperity in Papua.

“I invite young Papuans to join PYCH, because this is the most appropriate network to improve our human resources,” added Brigitta.

On the other hand, PMI and BIN have also succeeded in providing assistance and guidance to cattle farms in Kab. Fak Fak.

In addition to the cattle workshop, PMI in the district. Fak Fak also runs a canned fish business. Canned fish with the Raja Laut brand, is an original product of domestic children, which is in the Inspiring Young Papua movement which is currently in the process of obtaining a distribution permit from BPOM.

“We hope that in the future the central government will see that Fakfak can also do this, not just cattle breeding but there are other programs that can be developed for the betterment of the Fakfak community,” said PMI Coordinator for Fakfak District, Abdul Wahab Iha.

PYCH is fostered by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) to provide guidance and assistance to young entrepreneurs. With the PYCH Building, the people of Papua can be creative and innovate in order to become entrepreneurs in both the livestock, agriculture and MSME sectors.

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