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Inaugurating PYCH Papua, President Jokowi and Head of BIN Encourage Development of Papuan Youth Talents


Jakarta — Many parties consider that the inauguration of the PYCH building was very successful, because it was able to help develop young talents in Papua for the welfare of the people of Cenderawasih Earth.

On Tuesday (21/3), President Jokowi together with the Head of BIN, Gen. Pol (Purn) Budi Gunawan inaugurated the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building, in Jayapura.

The inauguration of the building is intended to be able to further advance the Land of Papua in the future, by providing a forum and facilities for developing the talents of Papuan youths.

Then, with the PYCH building, the Minister of Parekraf, Sandiaga Uno gave his high appreciation.

“This is an extraordinary building. In about 450 days, buildings with local wisdom built quickly and of good quality can be presented by the people of Papua, especially young people,” he said.

Furthermore, according to him, the existence of the PYCH building clearly supports the creative economy because many MSMEs have also grown and developed thanks to guidance from BIN.

“This certainly affects the creative economy. I really appreciate and have success for the Papua Youth Creative Hub,” said Sandi.

In a similar vein, the Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini, expressed another appreciation and expressed his gratitude to President Jokowi.

“Thank you to President Joko Widodo who has provided beautiful work for the nation’s children in Papua. Now guys, young Papuans, you have a place to be creative,” he said.

He hopes that the existence of the PYCH building will be able to bring the good name of Cenderawasih Earth to the international caste.

“Bring the name Papua, not only Indonesia, but also the whole world. Good work and congratulations for your struggle. Success is always for young Papuans. Greetings, “concluded Risma.

Meanwhile, Papuan Youth Figure, Kevin Baldwin Aburyaan revealed that the PYCH building was successful and successful in collaborating and accelerating the economy in Papua.

Not only that, but according to him the building which was initiated by the Head of BIN, Gen. Pol (Purn) Budi Gunawan was able to open up opportunities for young entrepreneurs in Cenderawasih Earth.

“One of the results of this collaboration is the formation of farmer groups consisting of local farmers in the Papua region. This farmer group is given training on effective and efficient farming techniques, as well as the use of technology that can facilitate them in developing their agricultural business,” explained Kevin.

Papuan youths, such as Elia Musa Rawar, also expressed their appreciation and thanked President Jokowi and the Head of BIN.

According to him, the inauguration of the PYCH building is the foundation for the development of the welfare of the Papuan people.

“We thank Mr. President Jokowi and the Head of BIN Mr. Budi Gunawan for carrying out the construction and inauguration of the PYCH Building,” said Elijah.

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