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Indonesian Communicologist Emphasizes Jokowi’s Video in Mandarin is a Hoax


Jakarta – The circulation of a video of President Jokowi giving a speech at a business or economic meeting using Mandarin has triggered various negative opinions among the public.

Indonesian communicator Emrus Sihombing said it appears that the president’s speech at a business meeting which was in English was changed into Mandarin in spoken form.

“A similar voice to Mr. Joko Widodo can give rise to multiple interpretations as if Mr. Joko Widodo is part of the economic interests in China or in China,” explained Emrus.
The circulation of this AI video will make people think that President Jokowi is pro-Chinese, considering that most of the cooperation currently being carried out involves this Bamboo Curtain country.

This video should be taken down immediately by the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemen Kominfo) so that it doesn’t spread widely. If you don’t follow up on the AI ​​video, it will trigger divisions in society.

“Kominfo must massively explain to the public the AI ​​video of the President’s speech which was delivered as if it were spoken in Mandarin,” stressed Emrus.

The people who wrote the text in spoken form in Mandarin certainly had certain motives considering that this is a political year ahead of the 2024 elections.

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