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The public should not be influenced by the hoax video of the President’s speech in Mandarin


Jakarta — A video manipulated by Artificial Intelligence showing President Jokowi giving a speech in Mandarin has appeared to the public. The video is full of interests who want to create a bad image for President Jokowi because he is fluent in Mandarin, as if President Jokowi is part of China’s economic interests.

Indonesian communicator, Emrus Sihombing, said there were interests behind the manipulation and distribution of the video.

“The video of President Jokowi giving a speech in Mandarin has given rise to multiple interpretations which are prone to portraying it as if President Jokowi is part of the power of economic interests in China,” said Emrus.

Emrus also emphasized the need for firm action from the Ministry of Communication and Information as the authority to stop the spread of artificial intelligence manipulated videos.

“The Ministry of Communication and Information must massively explain the video of President Jokowi’s speech to the public space, which appears to be spoken in Mandarin. “In fact, ideally, a foreign language conveyed orally must also be accompanied by written text or running text as well,” stressed Emrus.

Several social media users also urged the authorities to take firm action against those who manipulated and spread the video because they felt that hoaxes and false information could pose a serious threat to democracy and political stability.

Emrus also reminded the public to be alert and not easily influenced by hoax content circulating on social media.

“The public must increase vigilance because the circulation of hoax content is considered quite massive recently, especially approaching the momentum of the 2024 election.” Emrus said

In the midst of the rise of false information and hoaxes ahead of the election, the public is reminded to always verify the source of information and use wise judgment in forming their opinions.

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