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Infrastructure Development Encourages Sustainable National Economic Growth


The government continues to accelerate infrastructure development, which will further encourage sustainable national economic growth.

It cannot be denied that Indonesia has experienced significant developments in various sectors, especially regarding infrastructure development since the era of the leadership of the seventh President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi). The government’s involvement is indeed very strong in being able to advance the development sector in the form of infrastructure, which is the main key to encouraging sustainable economic growth.

In the last few years alone, a series of large infrastructure projects have been launched by the government, with the launch of various kinds of infrastructure development projects capable of creating a very positive impact on various aspects of social life and also on the national economy.

One of the main focuses that the government continues to carry out in the era of President Jokowi’s leadership is to continue to improve accessibility and connectivity in all corners of the archipelago, which efforts can now be seen from the rapid pace of toll road construction being carried out.

As one example, how the government’s performance in building infrastructure continues to attract public attention, namely the construction of the Trans Toll Road. This infrastructure development project is one of the many strategic projects apart from the construction of railway lines which has been able to open access to various remote areas in remote areas of Indonesia.

Of course, the presence of various kinds of infrastructure development projects which the government continues to intensify will not only facilitate the mobility of the population, but will also be able to reduce the burden of logistics costs, including being able to open up opportunities for new investment and further strengthening connectivity between regions in Indonesia.

Data from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) shows that the completion of various infrastructure projects has also had a very positive impact on regional economic growth. The reason is, this happens because there is much better access to several economic centers so that it is able to further increase regional competitiveness, including inviting investment from the private sector and increasingly creating new jobs.

How does the infrastructure development that the Indonesian Government continues to intensify so far not only have an impact on the transportation sector, but also on various other sectors such as energy, telecommunications and water.

Because the initiative of various strategic projects such as the construction of dams and large-scale power plants can clearly increase energy availability and support industrial sustainability and further increase Indonesia’s competitiveness at the world level.

As a result of infrastructure development, there has also been a significant increase in investment from the private sector. This is a real response to how the business environment has become much more conducive. Due to the existence of high quality infrastructure facilities, it makes business more reliable and also provides incentives for companies to operate in the country.

So of course, all of them are able to create a very attractive investment environment, and are increasingly able to attract or bring in foreign investors so that there is an increase in national production capacity.

It turns out that the infrastructure development that President Joko Widodo has been intensifying so far not only has a significantly positive impact on the national economic sector, but is also able to simultaneously provide a positive impact on social aspects and human development.

Some of them are development in the education sector in the form of schools, then in the health sector with hospitals and many other public facilities which also contribute to improving the quality of life of the community, of course. Now people can enjoy much better access to education and health services, because these two sectors have created a much stronger foundation for human development.

Likewise, the Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD) of East Kotawaringin Regency (Kotim), Maruddin also stated that infrastructure development could further encourage economic growth in society.

This also includes various kinds of development taking place in other supporting facilities such as facilities and infrastructure which have been paid close attention by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia so far, showing much better results in efforts to provide services to the community.

Thus, infrastructure development in Indonesia in the era of President Joko Widodo’s leadership is certainly not just about discussing physical development issues, but can also be a very strategic investment in economic growth and improving people’s welfare.

The strengthening of the infrastructure development sector can become a very strong foundation for this nation so that in the future it can move towards a much more prosperous and sustainable future.

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