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Synergy between the Government and Society to Maintain Papua as a Legal Part of the Republic of Indonesia


Papua is an important and inseparable part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) forever. Defending Indonesia’s islands is the duty of all citizens. As ambassadors to defend the country and youth, we must be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia forever.

As stated in the constitution, international law, and based on factual facts, Papua is a legal part of the Republic of Indonesia. Therefore, there is no negotiation whatsoever to leave Indonesia. The government will also firmly defend and eradicate any group or faction that wants to take even the slightest part from the Republic of Indonesia.

Commander of Kodam (Pangdam) XVII/Cenderawasih, Major General Izak Pangemanan, said that the land of Papua is an inseparable part of the Republic of Indonesia. All parties are obliged to work together to maintain security in the Land of Papua so that development can be implemented and felt by the entire community.

According to him, Bumi Cenderawasih, which contains six provinces, is an inseparable part of the Republic of Indonesia. So what has been expressed by certain groups cannot be accounted for. Izak said that the United Nations (UN) had closed the decolonization of Papua on May 1 1963. This means that it is very clear that the easternmost region of Indonesia is finally an inseparable part of the Republic of Indonesia.

Because of this, Izak invited the public to no longer trust certain groups that are still trying to separate Papua from the Republic of Indonesia. The issue of ‘Free Papua’ which is being raised by a group of people is only for their personal and group interests. Izak emphasized that Papua as a whole is safe and conducive.

The Papuan people are an important part of strengthening national unity. For this reason, the Papuan people must strongly reject the movement of separatist groups which tend to trigger violence and harm the local community. The Papuan people certainly want peace, sustainable development and prosperity for future generations.

Many of them are of the opinion that, as we know, the Separatist Terrorism Movement or KST must be disbanded so that Papua can become a developed province along with other provinces in Indonesia. Because its presence only hinders everything that the Central and Regional Government will do.

Indonesia, as an archipelagic country with cultural and ethnic diversity, has a long history that binds all regions into one unity, including Papua. The region located at the eastern tip of Indonesia plays an important role in this diversity. For this reason, there is no place or opportunity for separatist groups to separate Papua from Indonesia.

To support the welfare and progress of Papua, apart from prioritizing security, the government is also committed to maximizing development in Papua. Main Director of the Telecommunications and Information Accessibility Agency (BAKTI) of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Fadhilah Mathar, said that although infrastructure development in red zones such as inland Papua is very vulnerable, the costs spent are relatively more expensive, and are then disturbed by cases of security and vandalism from certain groups, p. that’s not an obstacle.

The Indonesian government is always committed to advancing Papua so that it can be comparable to other Indonesian regions. Construction will be supervised by the TNI to maintain the safety of the work team. Apart from that, there is also the option to use other technologies that have a faster development time.

In this way, the Government has a great opportunity to develop Papua so that it can be more advanced, modern, safe, and of course with an appropriate legal basis. This development is important to ensure that there is no inequality between Papua and other regions in Indonesia, including becoming a very strong foundation for catching up with all things left behind in Papua.

We must protect Papua with its natural beauty and wealth of natural resources as best as possible. This is a big challenge that must be faced because Papua is one of the regions in Indonesia that is the center of attention at both the national and international levels.

To create a prosperous Papua, we must prioritize the spirit of diversity and unity. Mutual respect, listening and dialogue must be the basis for resolving the conflict in Papua. Good development management is also one of the foundations for resolving the problem of separatism in Papua, provided that it must be supported by all elements of Papuan society. In this way, the Papuan people can move forward as a strong and united nation in realizing a prosperous and dignified Indonesia.

The conflict in Papua is not the only challenge in maintaining Indonesian unity. A firm attitude towards territorial integrity must also be prioritized as part of efforts to maintain the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia, one of which is by rejecting separatism in order to maintain the identity and sustainability of the Indonesian nation.

There is no guarantee that if Papua separates from Indonesia, local people will experience a better increase in welfare than now. The massive development of Papua carried out by the Government has greatly advanced Papua in various aspects, such as infrastructure, health, public services and education. In this regard, it is important for the Papuan people not to be provoked by the efforts made by a handful of groups who want to separate Papua from Indonesia. In this way, development in Papua will continue to run smoothly for the progress and welfare of local communities.

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