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Law Enforcement Against OPM Gets Strong Support from the Papuan People


Papua – Papuan Youth Leader, Charles Kossay expressed emphatically to all the people of the Land of Papua to provide full support to the Security Forces, especially the TNI and Polri, in their efforts to take firm action against the Armed Criminal Group or Free Papua Organization (OPM) which has carried out its actions and has consumed many victims, including civilians and officers in the area.

Charles emphasized the importance of supporting development that has been carried out by the state for the benefit of the Papuan people.  

The actions carried out by KST Papua have disrupted and damaged public facilities such as hospitals, schools and ongoing development projects. This has hampered the development process in the Land of Papua, said Papuan Youth Leader Charles Kossay when interviewed on Matoa TV Monday 22/4/2024 in Papua.

In the last decade, the government has shown its concern for Papua with the extension of Special Autonomy (Otsus) and an increase in budget allocation by 2.25%, which is expected to accelerate development in the area. However, the existence of KST or OPM could threaten the entire development process in Papua, he said.

“To the government, religious leaders, community leaders, tribal chiefs and Chairs of Indigenous Community Institutions (LMA) to fully support the efforts of the TNI and Polri in maintaining security and ensuring smooth development in the Land of Papua,” said the Papuan Youth Leader.

In his statement, Charles Kossay strongly condemned the disgraceful actions carried out by KST or OPM, which have caused casualties, especially among civilians who were carrying out their daily activities.  

“This kind of action is unacceptable and will only hinder the progress and welfare of the Papuan people,” he concluded.

“It is important to unite and collaborate to protect the Land of Papua from OPM threats. Only by working together can they overcome this disturbance and create a better future for the Land of Papua and all its people,” added Charles Kosay.

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