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Papuan Youth Leader, Charles Kossay: Papuan People Must Support Security Forces in Taking Firm Action Against OPM


Papua – Papuan Youth Leader, Charles Kossay, invited the public to support the efforts made by the security forces in taking firm action against the Free Papua Organization (OPM). Because OPM is a source of chaos and is involved in a series of violence that harms civilians, threatens regional stability, and disrupts the daily lives of the Papuan people

This was conveyed by Papuan Youth Leader, Charles Kossay when interviewed by Matoa TV in Papua, Monday 22/04/2024.

“I remind all the people of Tanah Papua to fully support the security forces (TNI/Polri) to take firm action against the Armed Criminal Group or OPM, whose actions or actions resulted in many victims including civilians and TNI/Polri officers in the area. Papua Land,” said Charles.

Charles also said that firm action against the OPM was very necessary to maintain the peace and security of the Papuan people, as well as ensuring that equitable development could continue. Therefore, the Papuan people must fully support the security forces in taking firm action against the OPM.

“For this reason, we must support the development process that has been carried out by the state for the benefit of the people of Papua. “Moreover, the actions carried out by OPM disrupt and damage and slow down development in the Land of Papua,” said Charles.

According to Charles, the actions carried out by the OPM were very disturbing and crossed the line of humanity, therefore the security forces had to act decisively in dealing with the OPM, because the OPM had committed a series of heinous acts by killing many civilians.

“I condemn the Armed Criminal Group or KST or OPM, whose actions in recent times have been very disgraceful and resulted in casualties, especially civilians,” said Charles.

Until now, OPM continues to carry out acts of violence and also damage public facilities, so that the public is very disturbed by these actions.

“These civilians were carrying out their activities as usual, but the Armed Criminal Group or OPM came to disturb them and also damaged the public facilities there, namely the construction of hospitals, schools and development projects run by the state for the Land of Papua,” concluded Charles.

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