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Law Enforcement for KST Papua is Absolutely Necessary


The crimes of the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) are increasingly brutal. The reason is, in three days 12 people were shot by this group. Recently, the KST Papua attack again targeted five workers at the West Beoga Community Health Center construction project in Jambul Village, Puncak Regency, Central Papua.
The impact of the attack was the death of three workers, namely Satiman, Triyono, and Suyanto. Meanwhile, Nurali and Alfian, two other victims, managed to survive the incident. The three of them received protection from local residents in the church.
Papua Police Chief, Inspector General. Pol. Mathius D. Fakhiri, revealed that the attack was carried out by the KKB led by Aibon Kogoya using firearms and machetes. The Regional Police Chief also confirmed that personnel from the Cartenz Peace Task Force would immediately go to Beoga to hunt down the perpetrators to carry out law enforcement against the perpetrators of the attack.
Elsewhere, a number of TNI soldiers were reportedly killed in a firefight with KST in Paro District, Nduga Regency, Papua Mountain Province. Paro District is in Nduga Regency, Papua Mountain Province, which is one of the areas considered red or vulnerable. This area was the place where Susi Air pilot Philips Mark Marthen was taken hostage by KST led by Egianus Kogoya and his friends some time ago who has not yet been freed.
The firefight occurred when TNI Pos Paro personnel from the 411/Pandawa Mechanized Infantry Battalion carried out the clean-up. There were four TNI personnel who were hit by gunfire and reportedly died, and two of them suffered gunshot wounds and are currently still being treated at Mimika Regional Hospital.
After the death of a member of the NTT Police Mobile Brigade following a firefight with KST in Intan Jaya, Papua, the Cartenz Peace Operations Task Force brought 110 Central Sulawesi Police Mobile Brigade personnel to Papua. This was done to provide a sense of security to the community. Moreover, not long ago, the leader of KST Nduga, Egianus Kogoya, via video broadcast, threatened to shoot the Susi Air pilot hostage if the Indonesian government did not talk about Papua.
The personnel on duty, together with two supervisors and two trainers, will first take part in pre-operational training (Latpraops) in Cikeas, for one month, which will work in synergy with the TNI and then carry out their duties in Papua for around one year.
Latpraops is carried out in order to prepare National Police personnel to have understanding, knowledge, and know the main objectives and functions (Tupoksi) of each in operations. By following Latpraops, personnel are expected to be able to understand the rules and procedures during operations so that they can run well, be efficient and successful while carrying out their duties. The members were also asked to always maintain themselves and be together while serving in Papua.
Based on this incident, Member of Commission I DPR from the Golkar faction, Dave Laksono, emphasized that KST Papua members must be eradicated. Dave also encouraged KST to be immediately exterminated from Indonesia. Dave emphasized that the TNI must act decisively to eradicate these terrorists. They are clearly rebels who must be crushed from the motherland. KST has never cared about the Human Rights (HAM) which they have violated all this time. In fact, KST often uses human rights issues for their separatist movement.
Papua is Indonesia and Indonesia is Papua. Those who have committed these actions must be investigated, pursued and their beliefs and thoughts crushed. Dave also encouraged parties who have helped KKB so far to be hunted down.
In line with this statement, Deputy General Chair and Spokesperson for the Garuda Party, Teddy Gusnaidi, also said that the government does not need to be afraid of international or local human rights. According to him, protection groups with human rights corridors do not need to be an umbrella for KST which does not respect human rights.

It is fitting that KST Papua should be completely eradicated and no longer tolerated. Very strict legal action must be taken against them, who have been continuously trying to destroy the state order, causing many deaths.
They are of course not at all happy with the efforts to gather the power of the country, so they will continue to make every effort to prevent the country’s sovereignty from being maintained so that they can continue to freely do as they please.
The community must unite in maintaining security and order from KST attacks. Community leaders in Papua are united in rejecting the existence of KST. This rebel group was very detrimental because it repeatedly carried out attacks on civilians, causing casualties. The Papuan people also reject the existence of KST because they can only disrupt the situation and harm many people, both morally and materially.

With collaboration from the community and security forces, KST will be quickly eradicated and they can be eliminated from Papua. Residents understand that so far KST has been very detrimental because it burned schools and caused various damage, as well as attacks. Therefore, they work together to eradicate KST Papua.

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