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Maintaining Conduciveness Ahead of the Election, Society Needs to Strengthen National Unity

The entire community plays an important role in maintaining a conducive and safe situation in their respective areas, especially ahead of the 2024 elections. Don’t let anyone who is easily provoked by the spread of fake news on social media, including using photos or videos that cannot yet be confirmed. The truth is, because this is actually a tool of a group of individuals who cause fraternal divisions among citizens.
There was a clash between groups of residents in Bitung City, North Sulawesi Province (Sulut) on Saturday 25 November 2023 in the afternoon. 
It is known that the clash occurred in the City Center of East Bitung Village, Maesa District. 
A number of people were seen attacking other groups. 
Not only that, but there was also a flag from a country carried by a resident, who was also suspected of being involved in the mass clash.
Following the clash, the Mayor of Bitung, Maurits Mantiri, stated that the situation had returned to being conducive at around 19:50 Central Indonesian Time (WITA). 
Bitung City Center is reported to be in a conducive and safely controlled condition.
Currently, the government together with a number of religious leaders, including local community leaders and elements of law enforcement, continue to strive to resolve the problem of differences of understanding that occur between these community groups. 
Maurits then appealed to all the people of Bitung to be able to work together to maintain conduciveness.
Because only with joint efforts by the community will they be able to help protect the environment as well. 
Some of this is by reprimanding each other, then it is also hoped that the community can reconcile each other so that they are not provoked by individuals who want division in the city.
Therefore, the local government’s efforts to make the situation return to a conducive state must continue to be fully supported by all elements of society. 
What citizens can do is not carelessly distribute photos and/or videos which will actually further provoke various parties.
Apart from that, the public is also asked to be able to collaborate together by monitoring the current situation and conditions. If they encounter anything outstanding or suspicious, the government and also the joint security forces from the TNI and Polri have opened a free reporting facility that can be contacted directly.
The city of Bitung itself is now in a conducive condition. 
This cannot be separated from the role of many parties who have worked together very well, including the Forkopimda of North Sulawesi Province (Sulut) and the City of Bitung.
To further optimize the realization of a conducive situation, Forkopimda held a joint meeting with a number of Christian and Muslim religious figures. 
This meeting activity is one of the concrete steps in ensuring the stability and harmony of Bitung City.
This is because the presence of religious figures from the two major faiths is believed to further strengthen the spirit of togetherness and harmony between religious communities. 
Because the meeting also reflects the very close cooperation between the government and society and across religions in an effort to strengthen a joint commitment to maintain unity and overcome potential tensions by means of dialogue and prioritizing understanding.
Maintaining a peaceful situation is an obligation that must be carried out by every community from various circles, especially as soon the Indonesian nation will soon hold a big celebration, namely the continuation of the democratic party and political contestation in the upcoming 2024 General Election (Pemilu).
Therefore, to be able to realize elections that are safe, orderly, peaceful and full of integrity, a declaration on the 2024 peaceful elections from the community is an important thing to do. 
Because with an explicit declaration in order to realize peaceful elections, it is also a means to invite political parties (Parpol), candidate pairs (paslon), masses of candidate supporters, community organizations and other elements of society to unite a strong commitment in ensuring that the election can take place. safely, peacefully, smoothly and conducively.
The moment of the peaceful declaration of the 2024 Election is also the first step for all elements of the nation to be able to unite their perceptions regarding the process of implementing the election which will be a collective responsibility in guarding and securing the implementation of the democratic party.
It cannot be denied that holding a democratic party itself is not only a responsibility that must be carried out by the government, election organizers and election participants, but this should be able to be realized by all elements of society together. 
In order to maintain conduciveness so that there is always good stability, the public should not be easily provoked by the distribution of news in any form, whether it be photos or videos on various social media platforms because it will only become a tool for individuals who deliberately want to cause division. in the middle of the Republic of Indonesia.

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