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Mass Organizations Have a Central Role in Creating a Conducive Situation During Elections


Community Organizations (Ormas) have a central role in maintaining a conducive situation during the 2024 Election. With the involvement of Mass Organizations in maintaining a conducive situation, it is hoped that the democratic party will run smoothly according to the predetermined schedule.

The 2024 elections are fast approaching, and concerns regarding security and stability during the national democratic process are taking center stage. DIY Regional Police Chief, Inspector General Pol Suwondo Nainggolan, together with officials from 3 TNI units in DIY, took the initiative to build close relationships between political organizations and security forces.

The DIY Gathering of Political Party Warriors in Sleman on Wednesday (18/10/2023) became a forum to unite the determination to maintain a conducive situation, especially in Yogyakarta, during the upcoming election.

In his opening speech, the Suwondo Regional Police Chief emphasized that the community would face a long election process lasting 220 days. To create a cool democracy, Suwondo invites all parties to agree that, whoever the leader is elected, must be recognized and respected.

Furthermore, he stated that security in Yogyakarta has extraordinary importance, considering its status as a tourist city. Therefore, dealing with thuggery must be a top priority to maintain public calm.

Suwondo also invited all parties, including the Laskar Political Parties, to oversee the 2024 General Election with a cheerful spirit, in the hope that no clashes would occur.

Suwondo firmly expressed his support and invitation to oversee the implementation of the campaign with the aim of maintaining public security. The hope is that after the quick count process is complete, all levels of society can gather in joy without having to suffer casualties.

The theme of the event, ‘Starting from a handshake, we strengthen our friendship for a Special Jogja and a peaceful and prosperous Indonesia,’ reflects the spirit of strengthening brotherhood between the Laskar Political Parties throughout DIY and the TNI-Polri. It is hoped that this gathering can become a strong foundation that will maintain the peace and smoothness of the 2024 elections in DIY.

In an enthusiastic atmosphere, Regional Police Chief Suwondo underlined the special features of Yogyakarta. He stated that the people of Jogja have a unique ability to unite, even though they come from diverse backgrounds.

In his presentation in front of around 120 participants, the Regional Police Chief highlighted the special features of Yogyakarta which he considered different from other regions, where this city has a special attraction. Even more interesting is the ability of Yogyakarta residents to engage in dialogue and unite despite coming from diverse backgrounds.

Meanwhile, in the Malang Police area, Bululawang Police Chief, Commissioner Ainun Djariyah, has taken concrete steps to maintain security and public order ahead of the 2024 elections.

Realizing this crucial moment, Police Commissioner Ainun Djariyah designed an intensive Kamtibmas communication strategy with all elements of society.

The importance of collaboration between security forces and the community, especially in the period approaching elections, is the main focus in the steps taken by the Bululawang Police Chief.

Kompol Ainun Djariyah, SH does not only limit himself to law enforcement duties, but is also actively involved in building good communication with various levels of society, including election supervisory elements.

In regular meetings with elements of society, the Ainun Police Chief explained that maintaining security stability during the election period is not the sole responsibility of the security forces.

He emphasized that the successful implementation of safe and smooth elections is the shared responsibility of all members of the community. With good communication, it is hoped that mutual understanding and cooperation to create a conducive situation can be realized.

This approach also involves the important role of election supervisory elements in ensuring that elections are honest, fair and free from conflict. The Bululawang Police Chief provides full support to election supervisors so that they carry out their duties professionally.

These concrete steps are part of the Bululawang Police’s commitment to maintaining order and security during the election process. Police Commissioner Ainun Djariyah and his team are committed to continuing to hold communication and coordination activities with various elements of society until the 2024 elections are successful and safe.

With a spirit of togetherness and good communication, it is hoped that a conducive situation will continue to be maintained, ensuring that the democratic party runs safely and peacefully.

The importance of maintaining conduciveness ahead of the 2024 elections continues to be a major focus in various regions. Two examples of initiatives from DIY and Malang show that close cooperation between political organizations, security forces and the general public is the main key to creating a conducive situation.

The specialty and attraction of Jogja, as stated by the Suwondo Regional Police Chief, is an inspiration that community unity and dialogue can bridge differences.

In the same atmosphere, the Bululawang Police Chief indicated that intensive Kamtibmas communication efforts and collaboration with election supervisory elements were effective steps in reducing political tensions.

With this approach, it is hoped that the public will be more aware of the importance of maintaining order and security during the election process, as well as involving all parties to create safe, honest and peaceful elections.

In the spirit of collaboration and brotherhood, let us work together to maintain the conduciveness of the 2024 elections. With shared commitment, we can create a democratic party that is fair, safe and prosperous for all Indonesian people.

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