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The Community Plays a Role in Preventing Election Information Chaos


The public has a central role in preventing information chaos during the 2024 General Election. With this community involvement, it is hoped that the elections can take place safely and smoothly.

It is important to continue to maintain the stability of election-related information. Regarding this matter, the Deputy Minister of Communication and Information, Nezar Patria, has issued an important appeal to all elements of Indonesian society to anticipate potential information chaos in the 2024 Simultaneous Elections.

Nezar warned that political narratives that continue to develop on social media, especially those related to candidates, require serious attention. This condition, if not handled properly, has the potential to trigger information chaos and hate speech which may threaten the peace and unity of society.

This was said by Nezar Patria at the Public Opinion Survey Release: Projections and Mitigation of Information Disturbances in the 2024 Election which took place in Central Jakarta. Through his appeal, the Deputy Minister of Communication and Information underlined the urgency of anticipating information chaos that might arise during the election process.

Disinformation and propaganda in the context of general elections can trigger polarization that damages social fabric and public trust in democracy and government institutions. This, if not suppressed, can create political instability which has the potential to damage the economy.

The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) has not only highlighted this issue, but has also pushed a public communication agenda which they call “Peaceful Elections 2024.”

This message, as expressed by Nezar, is not just an ordinary message. It reflects a shared determination to help society make wise choices and maintain national peace, including in the digital realm.

The message also covers a number of key issues that emerged throughout the election, starting from increasing public participation in the electoral process, guaranteeing the right to vote and be elected, to anticipating SARA issues, divisions, polarization and the spread of hoaxes that could shake the stability of the digital space.

Previously, the Minister of Communication and Information, Budi Arie Setiadi, had outlined three strategies that would be implemented by the Ministry of Communication and Information to support the creation of a narrative for the 2024 Peaceful Election in Indonesia. This will be done in the pre-election, election and post-election periods.

In the pre-election stage, the focus is on increasing voter participation and ensuring that the rights of voters and candidates are fulfilled. Apart from that, they will be active in preventing the spread of SARA-related slander and polarization. Last, but not least, are efforts to overcome the spread of hoaxes to ensure the continuation of peace in the digital world.

In the pre-election phase, the Ministry of Communication and Information will try to mobilize the public so that they are active and involved in the election process.

This will help run the democratic party which takes place every five years optimally, because it involves citizens maximally in choosing their leaders.

When the election takes place, the role of the Ministry of Communication and Information will be focused on inviting all parties to maintain a conducive situation until the voting and vote counting process is complete.

In the post-election stage, they will work hard to convince the public to maintain unity in facing the election results, so that there are no divisions that could disrupt the stability of the country.

The importance of the role of the younger generation in carrying out the 2024 elections and ensuring that the democratic party runs peacefully and democratically cannot be ignored. Currently, the younger generation, often referred to as millennials, has a very significant role in this process.

With the number of millennial generation voters reaching more than 66 million or around 33.6 percent of the total voters, they have great potential to shape elections with integrity and peace.

The younger generation is also faced with challenges and threats that may arise before and during the election. To overcome this, public awareness and vigilance must be increased.

Provocations from individuals who want to create chaos during elections must be watched out for, and the younger generation has a key role in campaigning for the importance of maintaining peace during elections.

Herwyn JH Malonda, Member of the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu), emphasized that the younger generation is not just passive voters. They also have a responsibility to help create elections that are legitimate and have integrity.

The younger generation can act as monitors of the quality of public services, including institutions that manage elections. Legitimate and legitimate elections are the key to maintaining political stability and avoiding political dissidence movements.

The stages of the 2024 simultaneous general election have started in June 2022 and will reach their peak in February 2024 with voting day. Even though the initial stages are underway, flare-ups and threats may still emerge.

Therefore, the younger generation must be at the forefront in guiding society about the importance of being alert to provocations and their respective roles in maintaining peace during elections.

Political expert and academic at Bengkulu University, Panji Suminar, highlighted that the young generation is currently the largest group in Indonesia, especially in the digital world.

As the main control holders in cyberspace, they have great influence in determining political direction and currents. Their positive role in spreading information and messages that support peaceful elections can have a positive impact on the course of the democratic party.

In carrying out their role, the younger generation not only acts as voters, but also as campaign volunteers, writers and active political activists.

They use social media and information technology to mobilize support and convey positive messages, with the hope that the 2024 elections can take place safely and peacefully.

Awareness of the role of society, especially the younger generation, in maintaining order and peace during the 2024 election process is the main key. The public is required not only to be passive voters, but also to be active stakeholders in creating a conducive and peaceful atmosphere during the elections.

Thus, the 2024 election can be a real example of how democracy can run healthily and peacefully in Indonesia.

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