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Mass Organizations Have an Important Role in Realizing Peaceful Elections


The appointment of General Agus Subiyanto as TNI Commander received a positive response from the General Chairperson of the Army Family Sons Association (Hipakad), Haryara Tambunan. General Agus Subiyanto’s strong track record in various fields is considered to be an important asset in facing the big challenges facing the TNI, namely ensuring that the 2024 elections run safely and smoothly.
Haryara expressed his joy at the appointment of General Agus Subiyanto, calling it a positive step in maintaining the country’s security and stability, especially in facing the 2024 elections. In his written statement, Haryara stated his readiness to synergize with the TNI, both physically and mentally, to support efforts to maintain peaceful elections. .
The 2024 elections present challenges that cannot only be borne by the TNI, but also require active participation from all elements of society, including community organizations such as Hipakad. Haryara stated Hipakad’s readiness to provide maximum support and collaborate with the TNI in maintaining security and the smooth implementation of the 2024 elections.
Ahead of the election, Haryara emphasized the importance of public awareness and Hipakad members not to be provoked by hoax news that could divide unity. Hipakad, as a mass organization that supports national values, is committed to synergizing with the TNI to maintain peace during the elections.
General Agus Subiyanto’s leadership as TNI Commander is the main key in uniting various elements of society in maintaining election stability and security. The official inauguration which was held at the State Palace on November 22 2023 marked the start of General Agus Subiyanto’s strategic role in facing a crucial moment for Indonesian democracy.
In welcoming the 2024 election campaign stages, the role of Community Organizations (Ormas) is also in the main spotlight. The General Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) of Bone Bolango Regency decided to involve local mass organizations in monitoring the campaign stages.
The 2024 election campaign, which is planned to last for 75 days from 28 November 2023 to 10 February 2024, is an important event that requires intensive supervision to ensure a democratic and transparent process takes place.
Bone Bolango Regency Bawaslu Secretariat Coordinator, Arkan Karim, conveyed the urgency of the role of mass organizations in supporting Bawaslu’s supervisory duties. In the Facilitation of Participatory Supervision event at the 2024 General Election Campaign Stages, Arkan emphasized that the active participation of mass organizations in spreading the message of supervision can be the key to success in maintaining a peaceful, safe, fair, orderly and integrity campaign.
The importance of spreading awareness of participatory supervision among the public is the main key in carrying out election campaigns according to the rules and creating a conducive environment. Arkan added that mass organizations have a big responsibility as supervisory agents to maintain integrity and fairness in the election process.
Involving mass organizations not only as a complement, but as active partners in maintaining the quality of elections. It is hoped that mass organizations can act as agents of change, voice justice, and help realize a quality democratic process. Thus, the election campaign is not only a battle of political ideologies but also an opportunity to strengthen unity and increase public participatory awareness.
The existence of cooperation between Bawaslu and mass organizations is also a concrete form of the principle of inclusive democracy. By involving various parties, including supervisory institutions, the TNI, mass organizations and the general public, it is hoped that each stage of the election campaign can run smoothly and according to the rules. This not only creates a conducive environment, but also strengthens the legitimacy of the election results.
In this context, it is hoped that mass organizations will not only act as passive spectators. They are invited to be actively involved in disseminating information about the importance of participatory supervision to members and the general public.
This socialization aims to create a strong culture of supervision among the community, so that any potential violations or untruths in the campaign stages can be immediately detected and addressed.
Along with that, mass organizations also have the responsibility to form high political awareness among their members. This is done by providing a clear understanding of the democratic process, voting rights, and the important consequences of elections for democratic life. By truly understanding their rights and responsibilities as citizens, members of mass organizations can become agents of constructive and responsible change.

The importance of active participation by mass organizations in monitoring lies not only in the implementation of the elections themselves, but also in efforts to form a more democratic and politically aware society. Mass organizations, with their presence and influence in various levels of society, have great potential to shape intelligent and critical public opinion.
In conclusion, the synergy between the TNI, mass organizations and supervisory institutions such as Bawaslu has a crucial role in realizing a peaceful and high-quality 2024 election. Joint readiness to maintain integrity, security and order during the election process is the main foundation in building a strong and sustainable democracy in Indonesia.
With the active role of mass organizations as partners in monitoring, it is hoped that the 2024 Election will be a real example of successful collaboration between stakeholders to achieve dignified and fair democracy. The public is invited to work together to safeguard the election process as a form of shared commitment to strengthening the foundations of a healthy and empowered Indonesian democracy.

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