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Moya Institute Webinar, Expert: KST Proven to Violate Human Rights


Moya Institute Webinar, Expert: KST Proven to Violate Human Rights.

Regarding this matter, international expert and observer of Strategic Issues, Prof. Imron Cotan, revealed that so far many serious violations have been committed by KST Papua.

According to him, KST often triggers conflicts between Indigenous Papuans (OAP), giving rise to many clashes.

“Most of the cases of human rights violations were carried out by KSTP, not by security forces, and there were also social conflicts between Papuans. “So it is a myth that serious human rights violations are committed by security forces.” He said in the Moya Institute Webinar, Friday (22/9).

Not only does it trigger conflict, according to Prof. KST. Imron also often slanders to carry out his heinous actions, including killing humanitarian activists on suspicion of being part of intelligence.

“So don’t scapegoat Intel, like yesterday’s case of humanitarian activists who were accused of being Intel,” he explained.

The former Indonesian Ambassador also appreciated the official stance at the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Summit some time ago which rejected membership of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (UMLWP) led by separatist figure Benny Wenda.

“It would be best for them to carry out an evaluation so as not to prolong their futile struggle which proved to be a failure at yesterday’s MSG Summit.” Said Prof Imron.

According to him, the group of Melanesian countries has begun to recognize Indonesia as a large country. With an economic volume of more than 1 trillion USD, Indonesia is a leader in the ASEAN Plus 10 region.
“The reality is that Indonesia is indeed a big and great country under the leadership of President Jokowi.” said Prof Imron.

Likewise, International Relations Expert at Pajajaran University, Bandung, Prof. Dr. Teuku Rezasyah supports the MSG Summit decision to reject UMLWP membership.

According to him, the effort to counter criticism by Benny Wenda and separatist organizations is to show concrete evidence of various development achievements in Papua.

“Our efforts to neutralize it can be done by eliminating its criticism of Indonesia, namely that there is no more discrimination, it is not true that there is genocide,” he explained.

In the same place, the Chairman of the Papua Deliberative Body, Willem Frans Ansanai, assessed that the Papuan people are very enthusiastic about the current national development process.

“After the DOB was responded to by President Jokowi and now it is being implemented well, the people of Papua are very enthusiastic about the development. “Even the last MSG summit didn’t really appear in Papuan society itself.” he explained

Another resource person, Reform Politician, Mahfuz Sidik also reminded the importance of dialogue between the Indonesian parliament and Melanesian countries in responding to the Papua issue.

“I think we can carry out dialogue with the existing inter-parliamentary cooperation approach, in the DPR RI we have a bilateral cooperation group, this is what must be activated optimally,” he explained.

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