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Walk Out at the MSG Summit Forum, Indonesian Delegation Fails Benny Wenda’s ULMWP Membership


In the National Webinar with the theme “Benny Wenda’s Efforts Failed at the MSG Summit”, Reform Politician, Mahfuz Sidik appreciated the firm steps taken by the Indonesian delegation at the MSG forum which influenced the final decision of the MSG Summit.

The walk out that was carried out caused the ULWMP organization led by Benny Wenda to once again fail to enter the millenarian group.

“I want to appreciate my fellow delegates at the forum. “I think everyone has agreed that talking about this issue is only a small group, some of whom do not live in Papua, and continue to put out ideas about separatism and are looking for ways not only to maneuver domestically but also through international diplomacy so that this idea gets a lot of support,” said the Reform Politician, Mahfuz Sidik in a national webinar regarding Benny Wenda’s failed efforts at the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Summit via the YouTube channel, Moya Institute.

In 2013, Benny Wenda made his first attempt to join MSG even though he was rejected. This rejection caused all opposition groups in Papua to consolidate and submit themselves, and the ULMWP was formed.

Likewise, observer of strategic and global issues, Prof. Ambassador Imron Cotan, believes that Benny Wenda and ULMWP do not represent the majority of people in Papua. “The seven major tribes there are not represented by Benny at all. “At the UN session last year, one of the youth leaders from Benny Wenda village actually raised the Red and White flag in New York, saying that the Republic of Indonesia included Papua,” said Imron.

Chairman of the Papua Deliberative Body, Willem Frans Ansanai, continued that the presence of ULMWP has no basis for the formation of a state. Willem believes that the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia will remain intact.

“I confidently state that Papua is part of the Republic of Indonesia,” said Willem.

Now is no longer the time to talk about Papua being separated from the Republic of Indonesia. The implementation of Special Autonomy and New Zealand is proof that the government is making improvements for Papua’s future progress. Improving Papua is much more important and meaningful, so that the future demographic bonus is not contaminated by separatist groups and disrupts domestic stability.

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