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Moya Institute Webinar, Mahfuz Sidik: Appreciation of the Attitude of the Indonesian Delegation at the MSG Summit


Jakarta – Reform politician Mahfuz Sidik stated that the Indonesian delegation deserved appreciation for taking firm action by walking out when Benny Wenda addressed the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) High Level Conference (KTT) in Vanuatu some time ago.

“We need to appreciate the Indonesian delegation at the MSG forum who took firm and appropriate steps by walking out when Benny Wenda delivered his speech, and that attitude influenced the final decision of the MSG Summit,” said Mahfuz.

Mahfuz also believes that the Papua issue is mostly only debated by small groups who do not live in Papua and try to use international diplomacy to gain support.

“I think everyone agrees that talking about this issue is only a small group, some of whom do not live in Papua, who continue to put forward ideas about separatism and are looking for ways, not only domestic maneuvers but international diplomacy, so that this idea gets the support of many parties. “We are only talking about a small group of people,” added Mahfuz.

In line with Mahfuz, a Papuan native, Willem Frans Ansanai, who is also the Chair of the Papua Deliberative Body, is of the view that Benny Wenda and the ULMWP will face difficulties in achieving Papuan independence. Even though ULMWP’s efforts have received international attention, he is confident that Papua will remain part of the Republic of Indonesia.

“As a son of the Papuan region, when I saw Benny Wenda’s actions, of course to this day I still believe that the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia will remain intact and perhaps he will experience many difficulties,” explained Willem.

Meanwhile, Observer of Strategic and Global Issues, Prof. Imron Cotan actually asked Benny Wenda to end his futile struggle.

“It would be best for them to carry out an evaluation so as not to prolong their struggle which was in vain and proved to be a failure at yesterday’s MSG Summit,” stressed Imron.

It should be noted that at the MSG Summit meeting on August 23 2023, there was tension when Benny Wenda was about to make a speech. Indonesian diplomats walked out as an act of protest.

Afterwards, on August 25 2023, the MSG leaders officially announced that the ULMWP did not meet the existing criteria and that the MSG group could not reach a “consensus” on the issue of ULMWP membership.


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