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Moya Institute National Webinar, Benny Wenda’s Ambition Is Just an Illusion


Jakarta — The Moya Institute is again holding a National webinar discussing the High Level Conference (KTT) of Melanesian Countries, the Melanesian Sparkhead Group (MSG) firmly rejects membership in the organization led by Benny Wenda, the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP).

The webinar presented several speakers including Prof. Dr. Teuku Rezasyah (Padjadjaran University International Relations Expert), Willem Frans Ansanai (Chairman of the Papuan Consultative Body), Mahfudz Sidik (Reformation Politician), Prof. Imron Cotan (Strategic and Global Issues Observer), and Herry Sucipto (Executive Director of the Moya Institute) and guided by Kenia Gusnaeni (RTV Presenter).

The MSG Summit firmly rejected ULMWP membership and recognized the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia in Papua. The forum also assessed that Benny Wenda’s speech did not present the real facts because it accused human rights violations in Papua

“Human rights violations in Papua are actually carried out by KST Papua. “ULMWP is also a group that always spreads fear and provocation in Papua,” said Strategic and Global Issues Observer, Prof. Imron Cotan.

The ideas brought by Benny Wenda are only personal ambitions and do not represent the interests of the Papuan people. Apart from being rejected at MSG, Benny Wenda is also not supported by the Papuan people.

“The narrative put forward by Benny Wenda is only for personal gain. “The seven major tribes in Papua are not represented and we strongly criticize the ambition of Benny Wenda who always claims to be the representative of Papua,” continued Prof Imron Cotan.

In fact, the Papuan people are very supportive and grateful to President Joko Widodo’s government for making Papua a development priority. In fact, separatist groups always hinder development and spread fear among the Papuan people.

“The Papuan people are very grateful and grateful for the acceleration of Papua’s development by President Jokowi. The standard of living of the Papuan people has increased drastically since President Jokowi launched the development of Papua. “This is reflected in Special Autonomy, DOB and various other policies,” said the Chair of the Papua Deliberative Body, Frans Ansanai.

Apart from Indonesia’s international diplomacy, sustainable development in Papua has also reduced the Papuan people’s support for Benny Wenda’s maneuvers. “The massive development of the Indonesian Government in Papua, which leads to equal distribution of welfare and increasing living standards, has directly and indirectly buried Benny Wenda’s ambitions,” concluded Prof. Teuku Rezasyah, International Relations Expert at Padjadjaran University.

Indonesia must continue to pay close attention to Benny Wenda’s various maneuvers even though the ULMWP is not a worthy opponent for Indonesia in international forums. “Indonesia has clearly proven that it can solve the Papua problem. “Both through a Welfare approach and always taking the right steps to respond to the maneuvers of Papuan separatist exponents in international forums,” said Reform Politician, Mahfudz Siddiq.

The various strategic steps taken by Indonesia are an effort to maintain sovereignty and accelerate equal distribution of prosperity. “All parties must support the Indonesian Government’s efforts to realize equitable development in Papua within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia,” concluded Herry Sucipto, Executive Director of the Moya Institute.

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