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Papua is the Key to Strengthening Nationality in the Republic of Indonesia towards a More Sovereign Indonesia


Since the beginning, Papua has been an inseparable part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). However, there are still many who do not understand and appreciate the role played by Papua in strengthening Indonesian nationhood. Meanwhile, the conflicts that occur there often give rise to debate and raise questions about Papua’s existence in the Republic of Indonesia.

One of the main reasons Papua is key to strengthening nationality is its cultural diversity. As the largest island in Indonesia, Papua is known as a place rich in culture. The various tribes and languages ​​that exist there are clear evidence of Papua’s role in maintaining Indonesia’s rich cultural diversity. Harmony between various tribes in Papua can be used as an example for other regions which are often hit by inter-tribal conflicts.

Papuan community leader, Yonas Alfons Nussy, said that Papua’s existence is very important in maintaining the territorial integrity of the Republic of Indonesia. As a country consisting of thousands of islands, Papua is one of the largest and most extensive islands in Indonesia. In this way, its existence is certainly very influential in maintaining Indonesia’s territorial integrity. Therefore, keeping Papua within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia is an obligation that must be carried out by all Indonesian people.

Not only that, Papua’s natural potential also plays an important role in strengthening Indonesian nationality. As an island rich in natural resources, Papua makes a large contribution to the Indonesian economy. Various natural products such as gold, copper and petroleum found in Papua are one of the valuable assets owned by Indonesia. In this way, Papua also plays a role in maintaining the country’s economic stability.

In the end, Papua is still faced with various complex problems, such as conflict and social inequality. However, this cannot eliminate the fact that Papua is an important key in strengthening Indonesian nationhood. We need to realize that the existence of Papua as part of the Republic of Indonesia is an honor and wealth that must be protected together.

Chairman of the Southwest Papua Fopera, Yanto Amus Ijie, said that Papua is known to have been the main concern of the Indonesian government and people for many years. Papua is also often in the international spotlight because of various issues that arise, such as separatist conflicts, human rights violations and development inequality. As an integral part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), Papua has a very important role in strengthening Indonesian nationality and sovereignty.

The various potentials and riches of Papua, both natural and cultural resources, can be the key to realizing a more sovereign Indonesia. Meanwhile, to realize Papua as the key to strengthening nationality in the Republic of Indonesia, of course comprehensive efforts are needed from the government and all Indonesian society. The government must be able to provide policies that support the development and welfare of the Papuan people, as well as resolve various issues that are still occurring there.

On the other hand, Indonesian people must also have an inclusive attitude and mutual respect for the diversity that exists in Papua. By strengthening inter-ethnic relations and increasing understanding of Papuan culture, we can build stronger unity and unity among all Indonesian people. To ensure the continuity of efforts to strengthen nationality through Papua, it is important to continue to build national awareness of the role and value of Papua for Indonesia.

Educational programs that include a curriculum rich in information about the history, culture and potential of Papua can play an important role in increasing people’s understanding of Indonesia’s diversity. By conveying this knowledge holistically, the program can help alleviate any misunderstandings or stereotypes that may exist regarding Papua across the country. Apart from that, actively involving the community in efforts to preserve and develop Papua as an integral part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) can strengthen national identity and build a sense of love for the nation and state.

Government and civil society initiatives in supporting these programs will be a concrete step towards a stronger and more sovereign Indonesia. By working together to create a better understanding of Papua, both in terms of its history and potential, we can build a solid foundation for Indonesia’s unity and diversity. The success of this education program and public information campaign will create a society that is educated and cares about Papua, while strengthening unity within the country.

By taking comprehensive steps in the fields of development, community inclusiveness, natural resource management, and increasing national awareness, Papua can become a strong milestone in strengthening the nationhood of the Republic of Indonesia. Through good collaboration between government and society, we can realize the vision of an Indonesia that is more sovereign, just and sustainable.

In this way, Papua can be the key to strengthening nationality in the Republic of Indonesia towards a more sovereign Indonesia. Through wise management of natural resources, empowering the Papuan people, and building a sense of love for the nation and state, together we will build an Indonesia that is stronger and more sovereign in the eyes of the world. Let’s protect and preserve Papua as an inseparable part of the Republic of Indonesia, without ignoring the rights and interests of the Papuan people. With united efforts and increased awareness, we can together shape Papua as a pillar of strengthening Indonesian nationhood.

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