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Papua Youth Creative Hub Means to Advance Papua


Papua – The Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building in Papua has been completed magnificently and beautifully. It is hoped that the existence of this facility can accommodate the creativity of young Papuans and accelerate progress in Papua.

The construction of facilities and infrastructure in Eastern Indonesia is in line with the government’s program of developing Indonesia from the periphery through a new approach to development that is Indonesia-centric.

In order to achieve development success in Cendrawasih Earth, many obstacles and challenges were found in its implementation in the field. However, the government under the leadership of President Jokowi continues to prioritize development programs to improve the welfare of the people in the Land of Papua.

Another infrastructure development that is currently under the spotlight is the construction of the Papua Youth Creative Hub or “Silicon Valley” on Cendrawasih Earth. The Regional Government (Pemda) of Manokwari Regency, West Papua Province granted a land area of ​​2 (two) hectares to the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) for the construction of the PYCH Building in Manokwari.

The Deputy Regent of Manokwari, Edi Budoyo hopes that this building can support all inspirational, positive activities and add skills to accelerate people’s welfare in Papua and West Papua.

“The Papua Youth Creative Hub will accommodate various talents in the Land of Papua, ranging from millennial farmers, digital ecosystems, to research and innovation development. The future of Papua and the future of Indonesia is in the Papua Youth Creative Hub,” he said.

The creation of PYCH was initiated by the Head of BIN, Police General (P) Budi Gunawan who was certainly welcomed enthusiastically by Papuan youths. PMI is a forum entrusted by President Jokowi to the Head of BIN to encourage all the young generation of Papua to be more active in working and creating superior MSME products.

Until now, there is still a lot of untapped and undeveloped potential in Papua and West Papua. Many excellent seeds and excellent talents in the fields of science, arts and culture, as well as in sports have gathered in the Inspiring Young Papua (PMI) in the hundreds or even thousands of people.

One of the founders, George Saa, asked PMI to be one of the managers of this building.

“PMI must be an open and transparent organization in managing partnership funds provided by the government. A number of facilities built at the Papua Youth Creative Hub will be the foundation for the birth of creativity and brilliant ideas in developing Papua, including co-working space, exhibition space, theater space for arts and culture development, research space, MSME product room, space training, meeting rooms, function rooms, culinary spaces, libraries, and health,” explained George.

In addition, PYCH is also equipped with a dormitory building, 100 Mbps internet speed spread throughout the building, CCTV, control room, and a large parking area with a capacity of 53 cars, 154 motorbikes, and landscape.

The government continues to optimize development for the people of Papua so that they can experience equal justice. This step is to ensure the acceleration of development is carried out in accordance with the program that has been prepared by President Jokowi. The success of development in Papua can be used as a benchmark for the amount of attention the Government pays to the people of the Land of Papua.

PMI Secretary for Papua Province, Vitha Faidiban also expressed his gratitude and thanks to President Joko Widodo and Head of BIN, Budi Gunawan for the initiation and support for the construction of the Papua Youth Creative Hub building.

“This building is a very extraordinary building and can help young Papuans to be creative. We always use this building to issue ideas in building the nation, especially developing Papua,” said Vitha.

The existence of PYCH in Papua is an effort by the state to accommodate various positive activities for the younger generation while at the same time improving the quality of human resources. In the future, PYCH which is managed by PMI assisted by BIN is expected to produce a superior generation that will bring Papua and Indonesia to be more advanced and win the competition with other nations.

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