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Scheduled to Inaugurate the Papua Youth Creative Hub Building, President Jokowi Supports the Emergence of New Unicorns


Jayapura – President Joko Widodo will inaugurate the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) Building tomorrow, Tuesday (21/3/2023). The building was built thanks to an initiative by a youth group who are members of the Inspiring Young Papua (PMI) assisted by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN).

In tomorrow’s inauguration, PMI will harvest corn in Kampung Sitori, Kab. Tambrauw Southwest Papua (there are several other areas). In addition, PMI also conducts training for MSMEs and creative industries in the PYCH Building.

Prior to the inauguration, BIN Deputy IV for Economics Made Kartikajaya had conducted a review of the readiness of the planned inauguration of the PYCH Building in Kab. Jayapura.

Made Kartikajaya and PMI checked the rooms and fields one by one, to ensure that all preparations for the inauguration were completed perfectly.

The PYCH building, which was built magnificently, luxuriously and with traditional nuances, will later be used and utilized by PMI in carrying out its work program. PMI will later collaborate, develop themselves and continue to be the motor for the development of young human resources in the Land of Papua.

PMI itself is a youth movement that accommodates the creativity of creative and innovative young Papuans to support prosperity in Papua. Inspiring Young Papua is an organization assisted by BIN whose task is to bring new enthusiasm to young Papuans.

President Jokowi said the Papuan youth creativity center would mark the importance of taking big leaps for young Indonesians, especially young people in Papua, in order to compete in the global world.

“I warmly welcome those who are smart, creative, innovative, gathered in a large forum called Inspirational Young Papua. This will really have a big impact on the Land of Papua,” said President Jokowi.

The President also hopes that with the Inspirational Young Papua movement, new unicorns and decacorns will emerge from eastern Indonesia, especially from Papua.

“We hope that new unicorns will emerge from eastern Indonesia, especially the Land of Papua. Decacorns will emerge from here, so that the progress of young people in the Land of Papua is truly embodied in this creative hub that we will soon build,” President Jokowi hoped.

Until now, through the PMI program with BIN, various MSMEs have been developed to improve the welfare of the Papuan people. PMI and BIN continue to provide guidance and assistance to MSMEs for young Papuan talents.

Several PMI programs with BIN that have been realized cover the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry, the arts, MSME development, and even education.

Vitha Faidiban, Secretary of Inspiring Young Papua Papua Province representing Inspiring Young Papua expressed their gratitude to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Jokowi and Head of BIN Gen. Pol (Purn) Budi Gunawan for supporting the construction of the PYCH Building.

“On behalf of PMI, I would like to thank President Jokowi and the Head of BIN, Pak Budi Gunawan. This is a very extraordinary building and it helps us young Papuans to be creative, innovate, make works and do everything we can for the good of the people of the Land of Papua,” said Vitha.

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