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Peaceful Elections Reflect National Unity


Peaceful elections are a reflection of the shared commitment of all parties involved, from organizers, election participants, to the community as individuals and institutions. Erwan Bustami, Chairman of the Lampung KPU, emphasized this in his political oration at the 6th Anniversary of Release.id Lampung, with the theme “Making Peaceful Elections Happen.” This momentum is not only a celebration, but also a call to unite to create a peaceful democratic process in Lampung.

In monitoring the progress of the election stages, Erwan expressed his gratitude because all “stakeholders,” including the government, TNI, Polri, and elements of society, were united and committed to carrying out the democratic process peacefully.

The Lampung KPU has formed more than 276,000 ad hoc bodies, ranging from PPS, KPPS, to Linmas, in preparation for holding annual elections. With 18 political parties and more than 7,022 legislative candidates, as well as 270 DPR RI candidates, 17 DPD candidates and 3 presidential candidates, this election involved quite massive participation.

Erwan Bustami not only called for commitment from the election organizers, but also invited all levels of society. According to him, peaceful elections are not just a slogan, but an effort to create conducive conditions during the 2024 elections.

In line with this spirit, the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights for Central Kalimantan (Kalteng), Hendra Ekaputra, was also present at the Healthy Walk and Declaration of the 2024 Peaceful Elections throughout Central Kalimantan.

This event was attended by various figures, including Central Kalimantan Governor Sugianto Sabran and Deputy Governor Edy Pratowo. Hendra Ekaputra, represented by the Head of the Administration Division Joko Martanto, emphasized that the creation of peaceful elections requires participation from all elements of the nation.

Governor Sugianto Sabran emphasized that the election stages must take place peacefully, honestly and fairly. In an effort to make the election a success, the government’s role is very important to maintain conduciveness and security.

In the 2024 Peaceful Election Declaration in Central Kalimantan Province, all representatives of youth organizations, community organizations, religious organizations and leaders of political parties participating in the election signed a banner as concrete proof of their commitment.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Chancellors Forum also raised its voice in declaring the elections peaceful. In its declaration in Makassar on February 3 2024, the Indonesian Chancellors Forum called for five important points.

First, they invite all components of the nation to make the 2024 elections successful and safe and peaceful. Second, reject all forms of provocation that could divide brotherhood and damage the democratic party.

The third point of the declaration is to jointly counteract hoax news and hate speech that could disrupt the course of the election. Fourth, citizens are reminded to use their voting rights according to their conscience, and it is important to respect the differences in each person’s choices.

Finally, campuses are called upon to maintain conduciveness and provide education to components of the nation in order to create honest, fair, safe and peaceful elections.

This declaration from the Indonesian Chancellors Forum provides further support for the joint commitment to create peaceful elections. By involving all elements of society, government and educational institutions, the hope is to create a quality democratic party that reflects the maturity of the Indonesian nation.

Peaceful Elections are not just a rhetorical call, but a real commitment to creating a dignified democratic process. As time draws nearer to voting day on February 14, every party is urged to continue to maintain enthusiasm and commitment in realizing peaceful elections.

The entire series of activities and declarations carried out by various parties, from the KPU, regional governments, to the Indonesian Chancellors Forum, is proof that all components of the nation are moving together towards one goal, namely safe, peaceful, honest and fair elections.

The success of peaceful elections is not only the responsibility of election organizers, but also the responsibility of all of us as citizens who have rights and obligations in the democratic process.

This momentum is not only about determining who will lead, but also about how we as a nation are able to maintain unity and unity. Peaceful Elections are a reflection of the unity of the Indonesian nation, where differences of opinion can be respected and resolved peacefully. This is a test of our political maturity and democratic maturity as a country.

Therefore, let us all join hands, maintain a peaceful atmosphere, and set a good example for future generations. Peaceful Elections are not only a current responsibility, but also an investment for a better future. Through a peaceful democratic process, we can form a solid foundation for the progress of this nation.

Don’t let differences of opinion become divisive, but use them as a force to build a better nation. By jointly maintaining peaceful elections, we not only elect leaders, but also determine the future direction of this nation’s journey.

Let’s join hands, unite in differences, and realize Peaceful Elections as a reflection of the unity of the Indonesian nation.

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