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PMI Assisted by BIN Develops UMKM and Papua’s Creative Economy


Jayapura – Inspiring Young Papua (PMI) assisted by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) facilitates training on MSME development and the creative economy for the people of Papua. One of the trainings held by PMI was in Tobati Village, Papua. The goal is that the people of Tobati Village can generate tourism potential through the creative economy sector.

According to PMI Deputy Director, Neil Awoy, this creative economy training is a small step that is expected to have a big impact.

“What is currently being done by Inspiring Young Papua are small steps that hopefully will be able to stimulate, invite friends to make a big impact,” said Neil Aiwoy.

Neil Awoy emphasized that this training was also an effort to hold the Regional Government and other communities together to collaborate in developing the creative economic potential of the Papuan people.

“Inspiring Young Papuans are here not to compete or compete, but to work together and collaborate to do good things,” he emphasized.

In addition, PMI assisted by BIN also inaugurated a secretariat as well as a sales center for the products of their fostered MSME players. This MSME product is located in Mimika Regency, Papua Province. The Mimika Regency PMI Secretariat was inaugurated directly by Deputy IV for Economic Intelligence at BIN, I Gde Made Kartikajaya and his staff.

The inauguration of the Mimika Regency PMI Secretariat is a step in an effort to improve the welfare of the people of Mimika Regency, Papua. This is because PMI and BIN will continue to conduct training on MSME development and the creative economy for the surrounding community.

“I am grateful that now PMI has a secretariat and a place of business. We believe PMI can provide benefits and help realize the welfare of the Papuan people,” said the Chairman of PMI Kab. Mimika Eka Kora.

Deputy Director of PMI, Neil Aiwoy said, PMI will try to accommodate the Papuan people so they can continue to develop MSMEs as well as become a market for Papuans who are confused about selling their products.

“PMI provides space and facilitates friends who have creativity but have no market, or nowhere to sell it, so this secretariat will function as an offline marketplace,” said Neil.

PMI is under the guidance of BIN whose job is to bring new enthusiasm to young Papuans so they can implement their ideas for the welfare of the Papuan people.

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