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PPLN Kuala Lumpur Confirms that the Election Runs Conducively Without Intervention from Any Party


Kuala Lumpur – Indonesian citizens (WNI) abroad have gradually voted in the 2024 elections according to a predetermined schedule. Indonesian citizens in Malaysia voted for the 2024 election at TPLSN which was spread across a number of points, one of which was located at the World Trade Center (WTC), Kuala Lumpur. Chairman of the Overseas Election Committee (PPLN) in Kuala Lumpur, Omar Faruk, said that the voting was carried out enthusiastically by residents.

In a video on social media as seen by detikcom, Sunday (11/2/2024), Indonesian citizens were seen crowding the WTC area until they were overflowing. PPLN appeared to be controlling the voting flow of voters who came in droves. It appears that Indonesian citizens are walking along the path provided. Not a few of them picked up their cellphones to capture the moment of voting across the country.

“It is true that the elections in Kuala Lumpur will be held today, Sunday, February 11 2023 at the WTC,” said Omar Faruk. Omar Faruk said that the Indonesian citizens who came were enthusiastic about taking part in the election event. According to him, the voting process went smoothly in Malaysia.

However, the enthusiasm of Indonesian citizens in Malaysia was disrupted by the circulation of election hoaxes in Malaysia. PPLN in Kuala Lumpur quickly responded to this so that the election would not be held.

“The videos circulating and going viral on social media related to the issue of ballot theft, POS Malaysia bribing to obtain ballot papers and the involvement of government officials in manipulating the election are baseless accusations made by certain individuals who have an interest in the 2024 Election “PPLN is also intensively communicating with the Indonesian KPU and has clarified hoax issues circulating on social media.” Umar Faruk said firmly

The chairman of PPLN Malaysia also firmly denied the involvement of BIN and Hermanto in intervening with PPLN and Panwaslu KL in the election process. According to him, these accusations were deliberately carried out by certain elements to discredit BIN as a government institution.

In line with Umar Faruk, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Malaysia, Hermono emphasized that it was not true that there was intelligence involvement in the elections in Kuala Lumpur. This is in response to a circulating video accusing intelligence of being involved in the implementation of the 2024 elections in the region.

“Even if there are outside parties who try to intervene, will the PPLN (Overseas Election Committee) come back, don’t they want to intervene?” explained Hermono.

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