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Prevent Radicalism and Community Divisions for the Smoothness of the 2024 Election


Ahead of the 2024 elections, the public continues to be advised to prevent radicalism and terrorism, because they could threaten the smooth running of the government’s programs. For this reason, all Indonesian people are expected to unite and avoid polarization. The reason is because polarization can cause divisions, and this condition can be exploited by radical groups to pit society against each other.

The 2024 election is just around the corner and the campaign period is just around the corner. During the campaign period it is exciting because people see promotions from presidential candidates and parties in Indonesia. Next year’s elections are very curious because there are 3 presidential candidates and the Indonesian people are enthusiastic about the new president, who will replace President Jokowi.

However, the 2024 election has several threats, one of which is from radical groups. As stated by the Head of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) Moeldoko, there is a potential for an increase in radicalism ahead of the 2024 Election. Therefore, the public is asked to be alert to attacks by radicalism and terrorism. Don’t let the election fail because of radical and terrorist attacks.

One way to prevent the spread of radicalism is to avoid polarization in society. Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin stated that the 2024 elections could run honestly, safely, peacefully and with quality. Ensure that the 2024 Election runs conducively so that the best national leaders are elected who will devote their time, energy and thoughts to the sake of the Indonesian people.

KH Ma’ruf Amin continued, differences of opinion and choice in a democratic order are normal. Especially when welcoming and implementing the democratic party next year. People may differ in choosing leaders and parties, but don’t let certain individuals take advantage of them who want society to be divided and hostile to each other.

In that sense, differences in political choices are normal in a democratic country like Indonesia. However, when there are differences, don’t polarize society. If there is polarization, it is dangerous because this hostility can persist for years after the election, and be detrimental to the people themselves.

Political polarization is a situation when society is divided because they have different political views. This resulted in society being divided into two opposing camps.

When there is political polarization it is dangerous because it can damage democracy in Indonesia. In a democratic country, every citizen (aged 17 years or over) has the right to vote for the presidential and legislative candidates they like.

However, because of polarization, society has become hostile. When someone chooses party A, they will attack supporters of party B. Hostilities occur, especially on social media, so that the atmosphere becomes heated and not conducive. Therefore, polarization must be avoided because it will damage the sanctity of elections.

Polarization also has the potential to be exploited by radical and terrorist groups. If society is divided, it will be easily influenced by radicalism. Radical groups create content on social media and people believe it. They become fanatical and too confident that their side is right, then blame the other side.

When people blame each other, radical groups influence them not to take part in the elections because they are skeptical of the government. If this bad thing happens it will increase the number of white people (Golput) in Indonesia. As a result, the 2024 election has the potential to fail, because of radical groups.

Therefore, society must avoid polarization. Head of the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT), Komjen Pol Rycko A. Dahniel, stated that BNPT RI has played an active role in creating quality Indonesian democracy and is free from polarization which causes people to be hostile to each other as a result of the many narratives of social polarization and identity politics circulating in the country. social media.

Police Commissioner General Rycko A. Dahniel continued, BNPT is taking mitigation steps so that democratic life is quality and free from social polarization and identity politics which have the potential to divide the nation

BNPT RI is concerned about the widespread spread of hostile narratives, hate narratives which can trigger attitudes of intolerance, radicalism and terrorism. So that this does not happen, the Head of BNPT RI hopes that all elements of the nation, especially political parties, will participate in socializing the 5 national vaccines, especially regarding strengthening national insight to their constituents.

In preventing intolerance, radicalism and terrorism, BNPT is socializing 5 national vaccines and one of them is related to national insight to strengthen unity and unity. Party representatives who take part in this activity can also socialize the spirit of unity and oneness despite different choices to constituents as political education.

The public is encouraged to unite in the 2024 elections even if their political choices are different. Differences are normal in democratic countries and do not need to be exaggerated. When there are big differences that lead to division and create polarization in society, they must be avoided. Don’t let this condition be exploited by radical groups to create chaos and damage the 2024 elections.

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