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PYCH Celebrates the 78th Indonesian Independence Day Through the Independence Celebration from Papua for Indonesia


Jakarta – Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) as a center for the development of young talents for the Land of Papua assisted by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) has held activities to celebrate the 78th Indonesian Independence Day by holding the Independence Day Festival from Papua for Indonesia, which was attended by 1,000 people on the ground Banteng, Central Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, on Friday (18/08/2023).

PYCH invited Papuan artists who are in Jakarta to enliven the event. PYCH also holds music, dance and stand-up comedy events for young Papuans. There is also a Papuan MSMEs bazaar that specifically sells Papuan culinary and souvenirs.

PYCH Music Band personnel as well as Companion for the Children’s Music Comment Team (MAC), Julio Faot revealed that this was the first activity carried out by PYCH outside Papua and received a positive response from all Papuan people in Jakarta.

“This is the first time, we are holding PYCH activities not in Jayapura, but in Jakarta. In the context of the celebration of independence, we gather Papuan artists and here we see together how independence is an important part of Papuan children,” said Julio.

Julio said the reason behind holding the PYCH activity in Jakarta coincided with a music group from Papua, MAC, which was called to perform at the Merdeka Palace on the occasion of the 78th Indonesian Independence Day.

“Yesterday, because MAC was summoned to the State Palace on August 17, we filled in only one song. So, on August 18 we initiated a gathering to celebrate independence in Jakarta, so this is the right momentum,” said Julio.

Meanwhile, MAC group personnel representative, Morde Sawaki, was also pleased with his first off air performance which was held in Jakarta. They are grateful to be able to appear on a national scale as well as meet the Papuan people who live in Jakarta.

“I am happy because I can represent Papua. Apart from that, we are proud that as the young generation of Papua we can make Papua and Indonesia proud,” said Morde Sawaki.

Apart from the performance of Papuan children, the presence of YouTuber and influencer Tariq Halilintar made the event even more lively. On this occasion, Tariq collaborated with MAC to sing the song “Only Me”, and greeted all the people who were present.

Not only singing together, Tariq also visited the Papua UMKM bazaar and bought several Papuan clothing and culinary delights.

“The event is extraordinary, young Papuans here gather to express their creativity in various art sectors, it’s really cool,” said Tariq.

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