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Rejecting Abstentions to Create Elections with Dignity and Integrity


Rejecting abstention from voting in elections is a very positive attitude in supporting democracy and a country’s political system. Golput, short for “white group”, is when someone chooses not to vote or chooses not to participate in an election. The reasons someone might choose to abstain can be various, such as apathy towards politics, distrust of the political system, or dissatisfaction with existing political candidates and parties.

However, actually not voting is not the right solution for democracy at this time, because by not exercising your right to vote (voting) then voting will not be in accordance with your proper voting rights. The public is encouraged to exercise their right to vote because they have the right to vote and this has also been stated in Law no. 39 of 1999 concerning Human Rights regulates the right to vote in article 43 which states that ” Every citizen has the right to be elected and vote in general elections (elections) based on equal rights through direct, general, free, secret, honest and fair voting in accordance with provisions of laws and regulations .”

Apart from that, there are many more regulations that contain voting rights. People don’t need to worry and worry about voting because your vote is protected by existing regulations in Indonesia. So that people who are on the permanent voter list in the 2024 election can use their political rights to determine the choice of president, people’s representatives and regional representatives.

The act of abstaining certainly does not reflect someone as a child of the nation who has no responsibility for the progress of his country. People who are apathetic towards politics are one of the causes of the high number of abstentions. People of this type no longer care about political affairs, they don’t even know what abstention is and the risks of choosing to abstain in every election.

The people’s indifference and distrust arose because they felt that no positive impact had occurred to them after the election. Meanwhile, news of corruption committed by leaders and representatives of the people is increasingly increasing public apathy towards officials.

In fact, abstention will not be a solution to solve this problem. In fact, by using the right to vote during elections, the public can elect leaders who have integrity and are anti-corruption so that government can be run in a clean, anti-corruption, fair and equitable manner.

Meanwhile, the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menkopolhukam), Mahfud MD appealed to people who have met the requirements as prospective voters to be able to exercise their voting rights in the 2024 election, so that no one abstains. Apart from that, Mahfud also said that the higher the voter participation in an election and regional head election, the more representatives or government that represents all levels and aspirations of society will be produced.

The public must be able to create a government with integrity by having the courage to give their voting rights in elections. Because elections are a constitutional momentum to renew national and state ties and ties, which are carried out by a legitimate and legitimate government in order to continue development for the progress of the nation.

Apart from that, the Director General of Information and Public Communication at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Usman Kansong, appealed that the democratic party which will be held in 2024 is a big event for the Indonesian people. For this reason, people who already have the right to vote can vote according to their own choice. So that public participation in elections can help create desired changes, such as environmental policy, social welfare, or the economy. Apart from that, participating in elections is a social responsibility that must be carried out by every citizen. Because this is part of the obligation to keep democracy alive and functioning. Therefore, abstention is not the right solution in the current democratic climate.

Abstentions have several potential dangers and have negative impacts, both at the individual level and at the community and state level. Apart from that, Golput can reduce people’s representation in the democratic process. When many citizens choose not to vote, election results may not reflect the true desires and interests of various groups in society. So with a low level of participation, elections can be vulnerable to manipulation or deviation of results by small groups or interested parties.

With low participation rates, elections can produce leaders and governments that do not represent the entire spectrum of society or only represent certain groups. This can result in policies that are unbalanced and do not take into account the interests of all citizens. Additionally, low levels of participation can weaken the democratic system as a whole. Governments and elected leaders may lose their legitimacy and credibility if many citizens choose not to participate.

Therefore, refusing to abstain is an action that supports democracy and provides a voice for change and better representation in government. Citizens who care about the fate of their country should utilize their right to vote as a way to bring about positive change and influence the direction of their country.

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