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Control KST Papua Headquarters, Prove Security Forces Commitment to Protecting Citizens


Security forces have occupied both KST Papua headquarters in Kab. Yahukimo, Papua Mountains that hide in Kali Ei and Kali Brasa. The two headquarters belong to KSTP Leader Elkius Kobak. This indicates that the security forces have succeeded in carrying out their duties to eradicate and take firm action against Papuan KST members.

Head of Cartenz Peace Operations, Kombes Faizal Ramadhani, said that his party carried out a search inside the headquarters and found a number of pieces of evidence belonging to Elkius Kobak and his members. The evidence confiscated was four units of solar cells, six generators, a number of sharp weapons, two Handy Talkies (HT), two air rifles, and medicines belonging to health workers who were abused some time ago in the Amuma District in the form of injections, several ampoule bottles, and a number of other medicines.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Cartenz Peace Operations Public Relations Task Force, AKBP Bayu Suseno, added that the raid on the KST Papua headquarters involved a number of joint soldiers, namely the Nanggala Task Force, the Gakkum Task Force, the Blukar Task Force who were joined by personnel from the Yahukimo Police, the Yahukimo District Military Command 1715, and the Infantry Battalion 7/Lampung Marine Task Force.

AKBP Bayu Suseno added that there were no casualties in the raid on the KST Papua headquarters. However, during the ambush, Leader Elkius and his members managed to escape into the forest. As a result, apart from confiscating evidence, security forces destroyed the two bases that had been controlled.

It was previously known that KST Papua had abused medical personnel from the Papua Regional Emergency Medical Reserve Team (TCK) in Amuma District, Kab. Yahukimo, Papua Mountains. The five victims were assigned to check the health of civilians in the district. Despite serious injuries and broken bones, the victims managed to survive and were rushed to hospital.

One of the victims, Danur Widuran, said that the attack carried out by KST Papua took place for about an hour using sharp weapons in the form of bows, axes and machetes. Apart from mistreating medical personnel, KST Papua also damaged public facilities such as breaking windows and doors where health workers and health centers lived. The perpetrators were allegedly twenty people and managed to escape when they wanted to be arrested.

During the torture, the perpetrators asked for the identities of the health workers and accused them of being spies sent by the government. KST Papua members suspect that the health workers are spies disguised as health workers. It is feared that this propaganda could discredit the Government as someone who does not want independence in the Land of Papua and is deliberately spying on all KST Papua activities.

During the interrogation, the perpetrators of the persecution admitted to being part of the KST Papua Battalion Silimo Kodap XVI Yahukimo. The KSTP members also asked about the Government’s aims and objectives in sending food aid to the Amuma District, because according to them the residents in the Amuma District did not experience hunger or prolonged illness.

The terror carried out by KST Papua is increasingly brutal and has become a source of conflict that must be eradicated. Their existence has made civil society miserable and they continue to live in worry. The violence and massacres they commit must be fought against.

The joint forces must not stop pursuing the KSTP members and attacking their headquarters in the middle of the forest. In fact, where there is a new headquarters, the security forces must immediately carry out an attack on it.

Meanwhile, the Papuan people are starting to feel restless and want peace in their land. It is time for the community to play a role in eradicating KST Papua which always creates chaos in Bumi Cenderawasih and carries out various acts of terror against innocent civilians. The community must unite in maintaining security from attacks by KST Papua members.

Not only physically, KST Papua also carried out acts of terror by provoking the Papuan people to fight against the Government. The public must not be influenced by propaganda and hoaxes deliberately created by KST Papua members. Apart from that, the community must have the courage to fight and report the existence of KST Papua directly to the security forces in their respective regions.

For now, Kab. Yahukimo, Papua’s mountains are safe from harassment by KST Papua members. The public does not need to feel afraid and worried because the security forces have been responsible for tightening security in the area and are still continuing to search for Papuan KST members who are the perpetrators of the abuse of health workers. The hope is that the Papuan people can return to their activities in peace without being haunted by KSTP terror acts.

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