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Secretary General of the Indonesian Red and White Front DPP Ali Kabiay Strongly Condemns KST Papua for Killing Many Civilians, Burning Public Facilities and Obstructing Papua’s Development


Papua – Secretary General of the DPP Barisan Merah Putih RI Ali Kabiay said that his party strongly condemns KST Papua which has killed many Papuan civilians, burned public facilities for Papuans and hampered Papua’s development.

“Terrorist Separatist Groups in Papua have set fires, destroyed civilians, burned down public facilities and hampered development in Papua, of course this is very detrimental to the Papuan people,” said Papuan Youth Leader who also serves as Secretary General of the Indonesian Red and White DPP Ali Kabiay during an interview in Sentani. Papua”, Monday 18/3/2024.

“We as Papuan youth leaders appeal to all communities in Papua to support the security forces to take firm action against KST in conflict areas so that people can carry out their activities safely and peacefully,” he concluded. 

Based on data from the Papua Regional Police, at least the Papuan KST action resulted in the death of 63 people. 37 people died including members of the public, 23 people died from the TNI and 3 people died from the Police. Meanwhile, 81 people were injured. 50 people were injured including members of the public, 24 people injured from the TNI, and 7 people injured from the Police. Meanwhile, up to now, 1 New Zealand pilot named Phillip Mehrtens is still being held hostage. 

Meanwhile, in 2024, the KST Papua action will become increasingly unreasonable. On January 23 2024, at least four residents’ houses which were donated by the Social Service worth 7 billion rupiah were burned by KST in Intan Jaya, Central Papua.

Apart from that, their actions continued by seizing or sabotaging election logistics in the form of 119 ballot boxes for the 2024 election in Intan Jaya Regency, Papua. The incident occurred at the Hitadipa airport, on February 15 2024. With a number of concrete evidences of KST Papua’s brutal actions throughout 2023 and early 2024, it is proven that KST Papua has tarnished the name of Papua and has a black record throughout the history of the land of paradise.

Meanwhile, Papuan Youth Leader Ali Kabiay also asked KST to free the hostage pilot Philip because he was innocent and the hostage-taking action had tarnished and added to the black record of KST Papua’s actions.

“I also want to convey that KST must release pilot Philip Mark Merthens because he is innocent and the act of taking hostages tarnishes Papua’s good name in the eyes of the international world,” he said.

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