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Security Forces Guarantee Security of Polling Stations Around KST Headquarters during Elections


Security forces from joint TNI and Polri personnel are ready to guarantee the security of all polling stations in the Papua Mountain Province , especially those located around the headquarters of the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) during the 2024 General Election ( Pemilu ) bgoing on.

Commander of the XVII / Cenderawasih Regional Military Command (Kodam) , Major General TNI Izak Pangemanan said that his party had alerted 2,784 soldiers to ensure security during the implementation of the democratic party and political contestation in the upcoming elections in the Papua Mountain Province.

Thousands of soldiers who have been alerted will later be BKO to assist the National Police in providing security for the implementation of the elections. Not only that , Kodam

The personnel from the 751st Infantry Battalion / Raider will be used as reserves so that they can be rushed to areas that need assistance in strengthening security personnel. The presence of thousands of soldiers who have been prepared indicates very thorough preparations from the security forces to ensure that the entire process of implementing the stages of the democratic party in the country can run safely and conducively.

The government really gives great attention and concern to the people of Bumi Cenderawasih, especially indigenous Papuans (OAP). The soldiers deployed to provide election security in the Papua Mountain Province came from assigned battalions currently serving in various regions with the best personnel . This is the government’s commitment to ensure that the elections in Indonesia’s easternmost province run smoothly.

For example, the 721st / Makkasau Infantry Battalion which is currently assigned to Lanny Jaya Regency and also the 7th Marine Infantry Battalion which is currently assigned to Yahukimo Regency . There is great hope that by holding elections simultaneously in 2024, they can take place in a trustworthy manner without any significant security disturbances.

Not only from the TNI, the Head of the Papua Regional Police (Kapolda), Inspector General of Police (Irjen Pol) Mathius Fakhiri said that there were more than 5,850 polling stations (TPS) spread across eight regencies in Mountainous Papua and of that number there were 28 The polling stations are located in areas close to the KST headquarters in Lanny Jaya, Central Mamberamo, Jayawijaya, Central Mamberamo and Tolikara regencies .

It is known that there are 619 TPS that fall into the category of very vulnerable areas and are spread across six districts except Yalimo and Yahukimo districts.

Chairman of the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu ), Rahmat Bagja, believes that the highest level of vulnerability in implementing the 2024 General Election is in Papua. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the four new autonomous regions (DOB) of Papua in monitoring the 2024 elections. This relates to the experience of the democratic party event where there was a lot of conflict in 2019.

There is a need for strict supervision regarding the logistics of voting. The election organizers, namely the General Election Commission (KPU), must prepare mitigation plans in distribution and also logistical security. Apart from that , the joint security forces from the TNI and Polri must also tighten security and security during the elections.

The security simulation plan itself currently already exists from the ranks of the joint security personnel, so that Bawaslu is able to pay attention to all parties in the implementation to ensure security . Several areas in Papua that still apply the noken system also need to be highlighted and paid attention to. Then, it would be good to maintain conduciveness, limiting the implementation of the noken system based on districts.

There is another problem that must be resolved to ensure the smoothness and success of the elections in Papua, namely regarding the issue of voters there. One of them is related to the recording and printing of Resident Identity Cards (KTP), which apparently has not yet reached the entire community. This issue must be given more serious attention together, both from the Regional Government (Pemda), KPU and Bawaslu.

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