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The government ensures that the implementation of the Job Creation Law will have a positive impact on the people


The Indonesian government ensures that the implementation of the Job Creation Law will be able to have a very positive and real impact on all people in Indonesia, especially economic activists and MSMEs .

Deputy Chair III of the Job Creation Law Task Force ( UUCK ) , Raden Pardede , said that there are indeed many different challenges being faced by Indonesia at the moment . This is still related to recovery efforts after the COVID-19 pandemic and also the various global challenges that have caused world instability recently .

It cannot be denied that there are still a number of global problems such as inflation , supply instability and also geopolitical conflicts which have also put enormous pressure on how the economic and social system operates. In fact, in the midst of this uncertain situation, the occurrence of climate change also requires serious attention from all parties.

Therefore , the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) views all the challenges that are being faced and are before our eyes as a call to continue moving forward in creating increasingly productive jobs . The goal is to achieve economic growth of above 6 percent and be able to increase per capita income. All of these things are certainly very real challenges.

So , it is clear that there is a great need for implementation of the Job Creation Law (UU Ciptaker ), which by implementing this is expected to be able to further stimulate the economy by reducing previous regulatory and bureaucratic obstacles.

Even so , the government itself agrees that evaluations must continue to be carried out to further ascertain the positive impact of the implementation of the Law and also to make adjustments to several things that are very necessary. So, by conducting regular evaluations, it will clearly ensure that the community is able to receive all the beneficial impacts from the ratification of this regulation.

Meanwhile , Chair of the Monitoring and Evaluation ( Monev ) Working Group ( Pokja ) of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Socialization of the Job Creation Law , Eddy Priyono , revealed that all parties from ministries to related institutions really need to further accelerate the implementation of the UUCK and also the implementation rules, as for plans . Follow-up actions will also be jointly prepared so that they will then be formally conveyed to all relevant parties.

On the other hand , Chair of the Data and Information Coordination Working Group for the Acceleration of UUCK Socialization Task Force, I Ketut Hadi Priyatna , said that with the passing of Law (UU) Number 6 of 2023 concerning the Implementation of Government Regulations in Lieu of the Job Creation Law ( Perppu ) into Law , then This means that the government itself has fully fulfilled the mandate of the Constitutional Court (MK) Decision Number 91/PUU-XVII/2020, namely that the Government must make improvements to the Job Creation Law within a period of two years.

It cannot be denied that since the ratification of the Job Creation Law, many parties have assessed that this set of regulations has indeed been able to provide a series of very positive and also quite significant impacts on increasing investment in the country.

This increase in investment activity in Indonesia is reflected in the Institute for Management Development World Competitiveness Yearbook 2023 report , where according to the report, this nation has succeeded in ranking 34th out of a total of 64 countries.

Regarding this matter , Business Observer Nindyo Pramono noted that investors have indeed responded very positively to the efforts made by the Indonesian Government to carry out structural reforms which were realized through the ratification of the Job Creation Law.

As the analysis report from the World Bank included in the Indonesia Economic Porspect ( IEP) publication in December 2022 , the Job Creation Law has had a very positive impact on increasing Foreign Direct Investment (PMA ) . So that the total realization of PMA was able to increase by an average of 29.4 percent in the five quarters after the enactment of the Job Creation Law.

Furthermore , there are also structural reforms through the Job Creation Law which have also been successful in reducing barriers to trade and investment in the country. Apart from that, players in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector also felt a very positive impact, which is also the foundation of the national economy.

It turns out that the Job Creation Law has actually been proven to be able to have a lot of very positive impacts on all society in Indonesia from various elements, especially actors in the economic world. Moreover, the Indonesian Government itself has also tried and made efforts to ensure that this policy can be implemented well.

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