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Side Event Youth Conference of KTT AIS 2023 in Nusa Dua Bali, Producing a Youth Declaration Agreement


BANDUNG – Implementation of the Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) High -Level Conference (AIS) Forum 2023 was preceded by four series of side events, one of which was the AIS Youth Conference, which succeeded in formulating the agreement of the declaration containing the commitment of the youth of the AIS participating countries to the Ecosystem Protection Efforts sea ​​for a sustainable future.

The conference was held at the Mulia Nusa Dua Hotel, Bali, and was attended by 26 youth representatives from 25 AIS countries. Carrying the theme “Bridging the Waves for the Ocean Future We Want”. The event was held by gathering the younger generation to jointly discuss and discuss the sustainability of island countries and islands for a sustainable future.

Delegation representatives from Indonesia, Anisa Noor, said that Ais Youth Conference deserves appreciation as one of the forums to convey the concrete aspirations of young people in island and island countries.

“This event is very meaningful because everyone gets the same opportunity to speak. We can convey and support each other’s solutions that reflect on each country, “said Anisa Noor.

The youth declaration contains the implementation of the cooperation between AIS youth, equalizing the vision of the four focus of the AIS forum, support for the work of the AIS State forums in youth programs that carry collaboration for sustainable solutions, and the commitment of support for AIS youth programs in the period next.

Therefore AIS Youth Conference is one of the practical solutions as a means of education for the community and the government in formulating solutions to the challenges faced by each country.

Anisa added that the young people who attended the AIS Youth Conference came from various backgrounds, with an interest in various issues that were also the focus of the work of the AIS Forum.

“In the AIS Youth Conference, the youth representatives who participated in the forum were divided into several FGD groups that aim to strengthen their mission and action plan in realizing a sustainable future. These focus are AIS Youth for Ocean-Based Climate Action, AIS Youth for Sustainable Blue Entrepreneurship, Ais Youth for Marine Pollution Eradication, Ais Youth for Good Ocean Governance, and Ais Promoting Meaningful Youth Engagement, “said Anisa

In the AIS Forum 2023 Summit, there are four series of side events, namely AIS Youth Conference, AIS Research & Development Conference, AIS Start-Up Blue Business Summit and AIS Blue Economy High Level Dialogue. All Side Event Activities Summit AIS Forum took place on 6-11 October 2023 at The Mulia, Mulia Resort and Villas-Nusa Dua, Badung Regency, Bali.

Deputy for Coordinating Maritime and Energy of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment (Kemenko Marves) Jodi Mahardi, said the event was an important part that would enliven the Summit AIS Forum 2023 in Bali.

“This activity will connect industry to the sea and marine technology to encourage the exchange of knowledge, networks and opportunities for partnerships. Therefore, those present at this event were start-up representatives, researchers, investors, non-government and community institutions, and the government, said Jodi Mahardi.

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