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Successfully Holding the AIS Summit in Bali, Indonesia Invites the Forum to Increase Unity and Collaboration in Facing Maritime Issues


Badung – The 2023 Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum Summit was held in Nusa Dua, Bali and resulted in several agreements to commit, collaborate and work together in overcoming global issues related to marine problems.

In his press conference, President Jokowi, who directly chairs the forum, said the Indonesian government continues to be committed to voicing the interests of archipelagic countries and developing countries at other summits.

“The implementation of the AIS Summit is one of Indonesia’s commitments to work together at a higher level as an international organization in taking concrete steps to handle regional and world issues, and to continue to voice the interests of developing countries and archipelagic countries,” Jokowi explained.

Apart from that, the Indonesian government has also prepared grant funds for the benefit of archipelagic countries and developing countries.

“Indonesia continues to consistently voice the interests of archipelagic countries and the interests of developing countries, both at last year’s G20 Summit, as well as at the ASEAN Summit and this year’s AIS Summit. “Indonesia is also committed to preparing grant funds to be used for the interests of archipelagic countries and developing countries,” said Jokowi.

Furthermore, Jokowi emphasized that the AIS Summit agreed to uphold the principles of solidarity, equality and inclusiveness as a common basis for working together.

“Developing countries and island countries have the same right to progress, have the same right to carry out development. “Therefore, collaboration and unity between archipelagic countries and island countries is really needed to be able to grow together and overcome the various existing challenges,” he added.

At the AIS Forum, Jokowi invited all countries present to maintain unity and collaboration even in a divided world because collaboration is the key to progress.

The AIS Forum Summit produced the Leaders’ Declaration of The Archipelagic and Island States Forum 2023. This declaration states the commitment of island and archipelago countries to work together to overcome common problems such as climate change, blue economic development, marine pollution and marine governance to achieve prosperity and sustainability for future generations.

Previously, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi, explained that the AIS Forum must continue to produce innovative efforts to ensure marine sustainability in overcoming the three planetary crises.

“We must continue to ensure real results in four main areas, such as: climate change mitigation and adaptation, blue economy and ecotourism, marine and coastal plastic waste, and good maritime governance,” he explained.

Foreign Minister Retno added that the AIS Forum Summit would be an important way to lay the foundation for synergistic solutions in overcoming global challenges. In addition, the AIS Forum must continue to develop into a bridge for joint efforts in connecting an open and inclusive development framework and transforming initiatives into reality.

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