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Summit AIS Forum 2023 opens opportunities for blue economic cooperation


BALI – The International Event of the Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum International Level Conference (AIS) on October 11, 2023 in Bali is an opportunity for Indonesia to target new markets in the context of economic cooperation.

Secretary of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment (Marves), Ayodhia GL Kalake said that in addition to being formed to answer the joint challenges faced by islands and islands, the forum also made it possible to open new markets.

“The goal is AIS forum to answer challenges together. However, it does not rule out the possibility of special segments to find new markets,” he said.

Ayodhia said that although the majority of AIS Forum members were developing countries, according to him the forum was expected to encourage cooperation to support the blue economy whose benefits could be felt directly by the community, especially coastal communities.

In line with, President Director of the Indonesian Agency for International Development (Indonesian AID), Tormarbulang Lumbantobing conveyed his openness to project funding opportunities in the blue sector through the cooperation between the AIS Forum and Indonesian AID with fully providing support for efforts to advance the blue economic sector in Island and Islands Countries.

In addition, the Assistant Assistant for Deputy Delimitation of Maritime Zones and the Border Area of ​​the Ministry of Marves, Sora Lokita said the Summit AIS Forum is a step “Hand Diplomacy above” by Indonesia.

In this context, with the improvement of the economic conditions of Indonesia, through this forum Indonesia wants to share the knowledge and capacity owned by partner countries with the same character as Indonesia.

Because the island and island countries themselves face the same challenges, ranging from climate change, connectivity to sea pollution.


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