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Summit Ais Discuss Maritime Governance and Sustainable Business Opportunities


BALI – The Archipelagic and Island States or AIS High -Level Conference (Summit) is an island and island state forum held in Nusa Dua, Bali, on October 11, 2023. One of the main topics discussed is on sustainable marine governance.

Related to this, Padjadjaran University researcher Alexander Muhammad Khan appreciated the implementation of the AIS Summit which was first held. According to him it will be a momentum for improving maritime governance in Indonesia.

He continued that indeed there were still maritime problems that had not been resolved. But he also appreciated the various steps of the government in paying attention to the issue.

“The government has tried as much as possible to manage this, both species and ecosystem or habitat,” he said

Furthermore, he hopes that the government prioritizes the staffing strategy, namely strengthening the role of the government, academics, and the community. This strategy, said Alexander, is the key to dealing with maritime problems carefully and right in Indonesia.

“This synergy of pentahelix must be further strengthened or socialized because for some regions it is still not going well. I hope this is open just a jargon but is really implemented, “he said

Previously, Secretary of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment, Ayodhia G.L. Kalake, said Indonesia invited dozens of countries at the AIS Summit. He hopes that the forum can be successful like the G20 last.

“The AIS Summit This forum was held on October 11, 2023 in Bali and also in parallel a meeting of the AIS Forum’s Minister for Forum on October 10, 2023 which was a meeting to prepare documents or other specific matters relating to the AIS Summit,” Ayodhia said.

Ayodhia assessed that the steps to host the AIS Summit could make Indonesia able to take an important role, especially in maintaining sustainable marine governance.

“So we have an important and strategic role in determining sustainable marine governance,” Ayodhia said.

Ayodhia hopes that Summit AIS can strengthen relations with partner countries in facing shared challenges and mitigating them. So that the forum can also open up market opportunities or new businesses.

“In essence, we encourage Blue Economy, sustainable sea development, including its marine tourism,” Ayodhia said.


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