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Summit AIS in Indonesia Increases the Cooperation of the State – Islands Countries


BALI – Coordinating Minister for Maritime and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, invites island and archipelago countries to use the AIS Summit in Bali in the context of increasing cooperation between countries.

In addition, Luhut hopes that the island and islands can determine their own destiny in facing global challenges.

“Our lives are bound to the ocean. The ocean is our home. We (island and islands – red) must be able to increase cooperation, manage our own homes and determine our own fate. In Indonesian we know the term for the same fate, as a regulation. Apart from our differences, we face the same challenges. With a shared responsibility, we will succeed, “said Coordinating Minister Luhut

AIS Forum or Islands and Islands State Forum is a concrete cooperation platform to jointly overcome the challenges and problems faced, especially in the marine development sector.

“Ais forum whose establishment was declared in Manado, Indonesia, in 2018, involving dozens of island and islands from all over the world,” said Luhut

Since its establishment, the AIS Forum’s participant state has agreed to establish cooperation in the four issues of development which is a common concern, namely: i) Mitigation and Adaptation of Climate Change and Disaster Management, II) Blue Economic Development, III) Handling Plastic Waste in the Sea, and iv) good maritime management.

Not only that, AIS Forum plans to establish coordination and cooperation with various regional and global and global initiatives and initiatives, such as the Alliance of Small Island Countries (AOSIS), Caribbean Communities (Caricom), small and developing island countries (SIDS ).

Furthermore, cooperation and coordination are also carried out with coral triangle initiatives on coral reefs, fisheries and food security (CTI-CFF), Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), Pacific Island Development Forum (PIDF), and Pacific Island Forums (PIF).

“This is done in the hope that it can disseminate the concrete benefits of the AIS Forum’s program and development activities to more members of the community and local and global communities,” said Coordinating Minister Marves.

“Our programs and activities must touch the island and islands in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific, and the Indies. The benefits must be felt by the island community in the Caribbean region and the islands in Africa, “added Luhut.

With the vision of AIS Forum as an open development forum, we can work to bring positive results and complete the work of the existing regional mechanism, “concluded Menko Luhut.


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