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Support the TNI and Polri’s firm action against KST Papua in order to maintain state sovereignty


By: Rahmat Gwijangge*

In facing the challenges of terrorism and separatism in Papua, law enforcement carried out by the TNI and Polri is an important and necessary step to maintain the country’s security and sovereignty. Various actions carried out by the Papuan Armed Separatist Group (KST) have created instability, threatened community security, and harmed development in the region. Therefore, taking action against KST Papua is a necessity to ensure the protection of the people and the territorial integrity of the Republic of Indonesia.

Law enforcement against the Papuan Armed Separatist Group (KST) by the TNI and Polri shows seriousness in maintaining the country’s security and sovereignty, especially after a series of attacks carried out by this group. Previously, KST Papua carried out another cruel action by attacking Police Post 99 Ndeotadi in Baya Biru District, Paniai Regency, Central Papua. In this attack, two members of the Paniai Police, Brigadier Two Arnaldobert and Brigadier Two Sandi Defrit, died as victims. This brutal action shows how important it is to strictly enforce the law against KST Papua.

Responding to this incident, the Head of Public Relations of the Papua Police, Senior Commissioner Ignatius Benny Ady Prabowo, expressed his concern. He emphasized that the two police officers who died were heroes whose job was to protect the community. 

Law enforcement steps taken by the TNI and Polri must be seen as positive efforts and receive support from various parties. Facing serious threats to the country’s security and sovereignty, the government has an obligation to act decisively to protect the community and ensure stability in the Papua region. In carrying out their duties, the TNI and Polri make efforts proportionally and in accordance with the law to deal with groups that disturb security and order.

Paniai Police Chief, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Abdus Syukur Felani, added that the attack was allegedly carried out by KST Papua Aibon Kogoya, and the police were working hard to arrest the perpetrators.

Law enforcement against KST Papua is also a form of commitment from the government in fighting for justice for all Indonesian people, including Papuans. By taking firm action against criminal acts committed by KST Papua, the government is giving a signal that it will not tolerate all forms of violence and acts of separatism that are detrimental to society and the state.

KST Papua’s actions are nothing new in the Papua region. Such attacks have occurred before, even with the same case in the same place in May 2020. At that time, KST Papua under the leadership of Ton Tabuni carried out an attack that claimed the life of a police officer and confiscated his weapons. Likewise, in early February 2024, there was a shooting attack at the Baya Biru District Airport, Paniai Regency, Central Papua, which injured officers on guard.

These incidents show that KST Papua continues to carry out acts of violence, threaten community security and undermine stability in the Papua region. Therefore, law enforcement steps taken by the TNI and Polri have become increasingly urgent. The court decision against Antonius Frabuku, a member of KST Papua, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison in connection with the murder case of a TNI member, is an example that perpetrators of crimes must be processed in accordance with applicable law.

It is important to recognize that law enforcement against KST Papua is not easy. KST members often use guerilla tactics and infiltrate communities to avoid capture. However, the TNI and Polri have demonstrated success in facing these challenges through inter-agency cooperation, the use of technology, and support from a society that is increasingly aware of the dangers of separatism and terrorism.

In this context, law enforcement against KST Papua is not only a necessity, but also a moral obligation of the government in maintaining the security and sovereignty of the country. Support from various parties, both domestic and foreign, for the steps taken by Indonesia confirms that action against KST Papua is the right step in ensuring the protection of the Papuan people and maintaining the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia.

The active involvement of the Papuan people is also a form of resistance to acts of violence and separatism carried out by KST. By standing with the government and security forces, the Papuan people can show that they reject all forms of violence and want to live in peace and prosperity.

Apart from that, support from the Papuan people also provides moral legitimacy to law enforcement actions carried out by the TNI and Polri. By seeing active participation from the community, both in providing information and direct support, law enforcement efforts will be increasingly strengthened and successful.

In facing this challenge, the TNI and Polri need to be given full support from all elements of society to protect the security and welfare of the Papuan people. Law enforcement must continue to pay attention to human rights and carry out their duties with full professionalism in accordance with applicable legal principles. Only with firm steps and synergy between the security forces and the community, can security and stability in Papua be guaranteed, and development efforts can run smoothly for the welfare of all Papuan people.

*The author is a native Papuan student

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